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To And Fro: Exploring Employee Benefits And The Future Of Commuting In South Africa

We cannot deny that the landscape of the conventional day-to-day work environment has changed quite drastically over the last few years. Businesses navigate what has become known as the new normal.
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Whatever challenges your business might have faced over the last few years, the questions now on everybody’s minds are: Will these changes continue into the future? How will work life evolve? And as HR professionals, how will this affect your business in the long run?

What would you say are the biggest barriers to employment and recruitment opportunities? Here at Zeelo, we have identified several key socio-economic factors that are affecting businesses, not just in South Africa, but all around the world:

  • The cost-of-living crisis, as just one example, has become a significant global struggle; affecting billions around the world. We know that supply-chain disruptions  have already hiked up prices across the board, and inflation is continuing to rise due to further disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine, leaving many South Africans with even less disposable income than before and forcing them to cut back further on daily necessities.
  • Owning a car these days is a luxury that, for many, has become too expensive to sustain, considering additional economic conditions like the recent hike in interest rates which are driving up car repayments and similarly increased petrol costs; this is having devastating consequences, particularly for a country like ours who rely so heavily on imports and yet find no recourse from the drastically inflated costs of international oil.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, those who are forced to rely on our fractured public transport infrastructure are subject to their own unique set of disadvantages. We know that the average South African typically utilises three or four modes of transportation to get to work everyday, whether that is by taxi, train, bus or even walking to and from work. We know that these individuals are also faced with an increase in public transport fares and equally delayed journeys.

So for whatever reason, for many, a workday actually begins long before an employee ever sets foot in the office. Have we stopped to consider what problems they have brought in with them from the stress of their morning commute? How will this affect their long term well-being and ultimately how will it affect overall productivity in the workplace?

The promise of a steady and predictable salary is no longer sufficient to encourage someone to work. We must identify what the employees’ true needs and wants are when it comes to benefits for work. The modern workforce, regardless of generation, industry, position, or title, longs to achieve the ideal work/life balance. The most valuable benefit of all is time. As a result, more and more progressive firms are providing benefits meant to give their workers greater control of their free time.

Here at Zeelo we want to help in giving this precious time back to your employees. It is not just time that is lost in these situations, but also productivity. In the morning for instance, when people are stuck in traffic or waiting for their transport to pick them up, they are not able to start their day as efficiently as possible. This means that when they finally arrive at work, they could well have lost anywhere between 30-60 minutes of productive time which could have been otherwise spent on important tasks or meetings.

Businesses who provide a Zeelo transport solution for their employees to and from work (Home-to-work, Late Night or Last Mile) will enjoy a seamless booking platform, 24/7 customer support, live vehicle tracking on the day of travel, a relaxing commute in fit for purpose vehicles from our rapidly expanding operator fleet, and, best of all, the ability to reclaim time spent stuck in traffic behind the wheel by enjoying stress and hassle-free travel.

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