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"Zeelo was able to use their routing software to create compelling routes based on employee addresses and shift times. This meant that employees spent as little time as possible commuting to work resulting in increased levels of productivity and wellbeing."

Toinette Viljoen, HR Manager, Essilor SA
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"Updating bookings and general emails get answered effectively and efficiently. Staff are happy with drivers and feel safe while using transport."

Rameez Jacobs, Production Controller
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"Lactalis employees provided a 100 NPS score to Zeelo for their commuting service. Customer care and feedback is exceptional."

Regional Finance Manager
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Smart, results-driven routing

Our routing software uses data to create the most efficient routes & vehicle allocations, saving you time and money and serving poor public transport hubs.

Easy-to-use booking & tracking tools

As a free and optional extra, employees can book and manage their trips on the Zeelo app and website.

Automated operation tools

Trips are managed and allocated through a central platform, connecting to driver apps to power the rider experience.

Transparent and
actionable reporting

Automated reporting is available to provide insights and transparency into how the service is performing.

Supported by real people

Our technology is supported by 24/7 support and a team of operations, marketing and data experts

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