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Zeelo helped Fidelity International save $519k (29%) compared to their previous staff transportation provider of 22 years by analyzing ridership data and retiring unpopular journey times. 98.3% of employees say they had a positive experience with Zeelo.
Fidelity Headquarters
Office shuttles
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Zeelo helped Butterball centrally manage their employee transportation at 2 worksite locations. The two services operated 7 days a week with 3 or 4 different shifts times daily at peak, with over 2,600 rides.
Multiple US locations
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Zeelo initially launched a parking lot shuttle for UPS. With the visibility into key program metrics, we recommended expanding the route into the nearby city. Since extending the route from 1 stop to 7, unique riders increased by 457% from 138 to 631.
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Wonolo's client saw an improved job fill rate of 104% while using Zeelo for a work transportation service from 62% the month prior to the transportation program launching.
Wonolo, Staffing Platform
New York Metropolitan Area
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Zeelo provided a home to work transportation service that ensured a safe and reliable commute during peak season. There were over 900 rides taken on the service, and through Zeelo's carbon offsetting partnership with CNaught, the company saved over 1.87 tonnes of CO2 using Zeelo, the equivalent of removing 1,009 cars off the road.
Geodis, Logistics company
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Zeelo improved an established transportation program by integrating technology and data. With the Zeelo app, parents now have the capability to track their students in real-time, guaranteeing a safe arrival at school. Notably, this service has garnered an impressive average 5-star rating from both parents and students alike.
Cape Cod Academy
College preparatory school

Our unique 5 step process to ensure the most efficient shuttle service for your needs


Zeelo designs transportation programs around your employees and your unique needs

Using our technology, Zeelo will analyze your data to optimize your route, along with suggesting new areas to serve for recruiting.

We'll save you over 12 hours/week in administration time and costs, by procuring the contracts with our top quality vetted operators

Utilizing our nationwide network of vetted bus and coach operators, our team will identify the best operators for your needs.

Your account team will execute a tailored launch plan to ensure a smooth transition and maximize engagement from riders

We'll equip you with everything needed to encourage adoption of the program. From marketing materials to vehicle wraps, our team ensures high utilization from day one.

A flexible booking platform built around your riders and supported by a 24/7 live care team

Flexible payment options, vehicle tracking, rapid boarding & more. Our technology ensures a safe and secure trip, monitored by our team of experts.

Giving you visibility and control, with daily reports & performance reviews to optimize ridership, travel time & vehicle size. Saving 43% on your transportation budget

Your dedicated account manager will review the performance reports and proactively suggest new ideas to optimize your program, empowering you to make informed budget decisions.
Get started now!
Let us show you how to make your transportation program more efficient
Initial 30min discovery session
We present you several routing options
Tailored launch plan

Frequently asked questions

How does Zeelo create route and schedules?
Zeelo uses its in-house routing technology, combined with your Organization's information to create optimized routes and schedules. When working with your HR team we will collect anonymised address data which will then be entered into our software. The routing algorithm will generate dynamic routes which are custom to your organization, ensuring maximum rider uptake on your routes.
Where do you currently operate?
Zeelo is the leader in staff transportation and group transportation services across the USA. Zeelo also operates in the UK and Ireland. You can see the key areas that Zeelo operates its shuttle transportation services here. If you do not see your location or have any questions about shuttle services please get in contact as we pride ourselves on accommodating any request, no matter the location.
How long do I have to commit for?
The length of programs is determined on your Organization's needs. Length varies, but programs can be operating from 3 months to over 12 months. Speak with our transportation experts to determine the best option for your program.
What vehicle sizes are available for my Organization?
Zeelo has a nationwide operator network that allows us to access vehicles from transit vans to motorcoaches. Vehicle size will be determined based on your Organization's needs. Our flexible contracts with operators enable us to be proactive in making changes to service and vehicles as required. No matter your employee transportation need, we will find the perfect vehicle for you.
How do you determine pricing?
Zeelo considers your Organization's needs when determining pricing. This includes routes, vehicle size, schedules and more. Pricing includes everything in Zeelo's unique 5 step process of building your transportation program. After your introduction to Zeelo and a free non-obligation consultation, we'll provide you with a pricing proposal.