We help you understand where to use transportation to increase ridership

Our technology platform provides insights that help you design better routes and optimize your budget. See where clusters of employees live, how much each route and stops are currently being used and much more.
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


We help you identify public transit gaps at different times of day

Public transit coverage changes throughout the day, our software and transportation experts will help you identify these gaps to use your shuttles where they are needed the most.


Efficient marketing strategies to promote shared transportation

With a dedicated team of marketing professionals that understand the importance of maximizing occupancy, we identify, research and analyze the most effective channels to connect riders to you transportation program.
On-site events
TV Screens
Rider survey
Digital campaigns
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


Hundreds of happy customers trust us to get their team to work

Wonolo's client saw an improved job fill rate of 104% while using Zeelo for a smart transportation program from 62% the month prior to the transportation program launching.
Staffing agency
New York area
Zeelo helped Jaguar Land Rover with their return to the office initiatives, analyzing usage and new areas of interest, and organizing several promotional campaigns. Zeelo's tailored initiatives successfully grew ridership from 400 weekly bookings to 1000 bookings in under a year.
Jaguar Land Rover
Tesco wanted to use employee shuttles as a recruitment tool for one of their logistical site in the Bristol area, but had been struggling with uptake. Zeelo used a combination of address data analysis and expert knowledge of the area to target new cities, helping Tesco increase usage by x6.5 within 3 only months.
Multiple sites in the U.K.
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Frequently asked questions

How does Zeelo create route and schedules?
Zeelo uses its in-house routing technology, combined with your Organization's information to create optimized routes and schedules. When working with your HR team we will collect anonymized address data which will then be entered into our software. The algorithm generates dynamic routes which are custom to your organization, ensuring maximum rider uptake on your routes.
Where do you currently operate?
Zeelo currently operates nationwide in the U.S. Zeelo also operates globally in the United Kingdom and South Africa.
How long do I have to commit for?
The length of programs is determined on your Organization's needs. Length varies, but programs can be operating from 3 months to over 12 months. Speak with our transportation experts to determine the best option for your program.
What vehicle sizes are available for my organization?
Zeelo has a nationwide operator network that allows us to access vehicles from van, 16 seats bus and larger coaches. Vehicle size will be determined based on your Organization's needs. Our flexible contracts with operators enable us to be proactive in making changes to service and vehicles as required.
How do you determine pricing?
Zeelo considers your Organization's needs when determining pricing. This includes routes, vehicle size, schedules and more. Pricing includes everything in Zeelo's unique 5 step process of building your transportation program. After your introduction to Zeelo and a free non-obligation consultation, we'll provide you with a pricing proposal.