2022: A Year In Review From Co-Founder Sam Ryan

2023 was a year of market volatility and challenges for businesses across the globe. For Zeelo, it was a year of growth and progress.
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It would be easy to accept the circumstances but what we continue to see from our clients, our operator partners and from the team at Zeelo is a show of resilience and a feeling of optimism that we can overcome what is ahead of us. So much of what we do, and what our partners do, keeps operating rain or shine because it is critical to daily life, whether it be delivering food to supermarket shelves or taking kids to school. That means you learn to take the rough with the smooth and focus on what you can control; instead of relying on the Government or others to save you. Whilst so many look for others to provide a parachute – our team, our clients and our partners focus on the opportunity ahead.

This quarter, we passed 3M rides and nearly 5% of our trips were completed using fully electric coaches or buses. We recently surveyed thousands of our riders and the results were humbling. 68% said if the Zeelo service didn’t exist, they wouldn’t be able to get to work. 86% said it had positively affected their mental well-being, 92% said it had saved them money and 81% said it saves them time. These are folks that would otherwise struggle to reach work without owning and driving a car; something that is becoming increasingly expensive.

As our lead investor always says, “I am pleased but not satisfied; because there is so much more to do”.

Thank you to our clients, our riders and our operator partners for their incredible support this year. We look forward to a record year together in 2023.


Sam Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO @ Zeelo
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