5 Tips To Leveraging Technology To Improve Parking For Your Employees

Parking takes time and effort so a little helping hand from technology can be a welcome addition. According to the British Parking Association, drivers spend up to 4 days a year looking for parking.
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1.     Encourage the use of parking apps

More and more drivers are using technology rather than printed maps to find their way around. Online route planners and sat-navs are now commonplace in most vehicles and they are increasingly used for finding parking too. If you don’t have employee parking onsite, searching on their sat-nav or device can help employees to quickly find available parking spaces nearby. There are dedicated parking apps available too to find spaces and even pay for from your device. These intelligent mobility and parking solutions help save time, frustration and means not having to worry about queuing to pay or having the right change for the machine.

2.     Camera-based technology

There is more to camera technology than just recording CCTV. If you have a car park on-site, cameras can be used to monitor the entrance and exit of vehicles from your car park using automatic number plate recognition. This can be used to monitor the time spent in the parking spaces for billing purposes as well as to know how many spaces are being used. Showing the number of available spaces gives drivers an idea of how long they may need to spend to look for a space and prevents them from wasting time if the car park is full.

3.     Use Zeelo as an alternative transport solution

Zeelo provides transport solutions by providing commuter bus services to take your employees to and from work, so you don’t need to worry about providing a car park for your staff or paying for parking expenses. Zeelo’s smart technology will enable you to design a personalised route that suits your employees, as well as allow them to track their route and arrival. By using a transport alternative like Zeelo, you prevent the need for multiple cars driving and finding parking at the location, consequently lowering emissions from your business location.

4.     Use sensor-based parking technology in your car park

Similarly, sensors can be used to improve the usability of the car park. You can use sensor-based platforms and staff car parking passes to ensure only authorised persons are allowed to enter the car park.  This can be with a key fob or a device in the individual’s vehicle. Sensors can also detect movement to automatically open the barrier or can be adapted to make sure barriers only open for vehicles, rather than people for safety and security reasons. Like cameras, sensors can be used to monitor the number or show which spaces are available saving time and frustration for employees.

5.     Invest in fully automated parking garages

A more recent trend is fully automated parking garages. This could be described as machine-based valet parking, driving your vehicle to a designated area and parking your car for you. There are many benefits to automated parking that can help solve your future parking problems; it can save 60% of space created for parking by using the space you have more efficiently. It can cost you less too, whilst improving security and safety as people don’t need to enter the car park to retrieve their vehicles. It also helps reduce emissions as the vehicles are switched off during transit to the space.

Technology is making a difference in daily parking problems

Whether you are an individual or a business, technology can make a big difference to your parking decisions.

Businesses can invest in innovative parking solutions such as the new creation of automated parking garages and the use of parking sensors to reduce space and time taken parking. Individuals can use mobile apps to find and pay for alternative parking spaces as well as cashless payments in existing car parks using new technology.

Perhaps the biggest solution, however, is not needing to find or provide your own parking at all. Using Zeelo, you can use modern technology to offer the best transport for your employees without the stress of finding or supplying parking.

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