5 Ways to Reduce your Facilities Costs

Running a business is costly, even just keeping the building up to standard and providing the right facilities for staff. Here are five ideas to help reduce your facilities cost.
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1 Cut Your Buildings Energy Usage

Just making small changes to reduce the energy your building is using will greatly impact your facilities costs. Turning off computers and other electronics at the end of the day can save all that power overnight. Switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs not only reduces costs but also lasts longer, meaning less maintenance. Look at appliances in kitchen areas and make sure they all have a good energy rating. When was the last time you reviewed your energy supplier? Many businesses just let bills carry on without reviewing the costs; check out other providers and make sure you are paying the best price for your energy.

2 Implement A Good Asset Management System

Looking after your facilities can be hard work but putting a good asset management system into place can help you to manage the needs of your building and prioritise tasks. You can input all of your tasks, regulate the maintenance required, set reminders and record all business assets on-site in one central system. It also allows you to get alerts when machines need servicing, when licences need to be renewed and when specialist testing needs to take place, all while giving you an audit trail to follow in the future too.

3 Reduce The Need For Workplace Parking

Providing onsite parking for staff can be very costly, from the land itself to maintaining the spaces and security measures. If you reduce or remove parking facilities from your site you will save a lot of money as a business but at the expense of staff who will need to find parking elsewhere. One solution to parking problems is to provide commuter transport to your staff.

Zeelo offers a wide range of vehicles and services tailored to your business needs. With routes tailored to your employee’s needs, you can arrange shared bus services to get your staff to work on time without the need for driving. Reduce their commuting stress and save them money – you can pay for the service on behalf of your staff and offer as an employee perk, or individuals can purchase tickets themselves further reducing the business costs. Even when staff buy their own tickets it will cost them far less than using their own vehicles. The average driving commute is 16 miles a day. When switching to Zeelo from their car the average commuter will save £2244 a year. Couple this with the emissions saved by taking an average of 30 cars off the road for every Zeelo bus, it’s a great incentive to leave the car at home.

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4 Regular And Preventative Maintenance

Make sure your maintenance schedule is up to date and relevant for your business today. Sometimes these run for years without being reviewed and things can need updating to face the demand of your business. There may be newer and more efficient procedures you can follow to make your maintenance more efficient so it is worth exploring. Preventative maintenance can actually save you time and money. Addressing problems before they arise will prevent costly repairs and reduction in function. For example, fixing small potholes that have developed in the car park early on can prevent much bigger holes and the eventual resurfacing of the whole space.

5 Reuse And Recycle

Simple things can make a big difference. For example, stop offering free cups at the water dispenser and gift your staff a reusable water bottle; you won’t need to regularly supply cups for one-time use and your staff will not be out of pocket as they can reuse their bottle in the workplace. Setting up recycling bins and ensuring staff use them appropriately can actually reduce the waste you produce. If people working in your business are more careful about their choices and having to think about what they are throwing away it will reduce office waste.

Don’t just throw away old office equipment and furniture, you can sell items on you no longer use or even donate to charity. Most charities even collect items meaning less waste or need for costly items such as skips when renovating.

How Will You Reduce Your Facilities Costs?

It is important to review the running costs of your business from time to time. Just making some small changes can have a big impact on your bottom line. From looking at your energy efficiency and switching to more cost-effective products and services to reducing transport costs and offering commuter transport for your staff. Think about what will work best for your business and start saving money today. Want to know more about what Zeelo can offer your business? Contact us to discuss your needs.

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