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Bonuses, Packages And Benefits: Top Employee Perks That Make A Difference

What really attracts potential employees to a business? Employee perks can make a big difference in how happy staff are in their role, how hard they work and how your business is seen.
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Employee transport services are becoming increasingly popular as employers look for ways to make their employees feel valued and appreciated. From discounted public transport to free shuttle services, there are a variety of employee transport services that can make a difference in employee satisfaction. In this article, we’ll discuss employee transport services, and other benefits, and how they can help employers attract and retain top talent.

Flexible working

Flexibility on when and where your staff can work makes a big difference to their job satisfaction, and productivity as well as an increase in morale & motivation. There are different types of flexible working arrangements you can consider, from working from home to starting earlier or later to avoid traffic or fit in with childcare and other external commitments.

According to a survey from FlexJobs, for 56% of respondents, having flexibility in their workday is overwhelmingly listed as the top way workplaces can better support employees. By giving people the option to work without impacting their busy lives you shift the focus to getting the work done, rather than being in the office at certain times. Flexible working can really strengthen employee loyalty and retention and consequently reduce the cost of recruiting and training new employees.

Commuter services and alternative transport

One of the biggest contributors to work-related stress is long commutes and being stuck in traffic. Although people are more likely to travel for a longer time to get to work for the right job, it can have a negative impact on their work and be a major factor when it comes to employee burnout.

By providing an alternative transportation solution as an employee perk you encourage your staff to leave their cars at home and enjoy an easier and less stressful commute to work. Commuter bus services, like those offered by Zeelo, allow a business to choose personalized pick-up and drop-off locations based on their employees’ needs. Commuter services that cater to the reverse commute, when employees live in an urban area but travel outside of the city to the suburbs, offer employees an accessible way to get to work which helps with retention. These alternate solutions are a great perk to offer to reduce commuting stress and costs for your staff, as well as ensure employees arrive on time for a business. It also creates a pleasant atmosphere where colleagues can interact and even catch up with each other or email before they even get to the office.

Wellbeing and lifestyle perks

Offering benefits that improve well-being and promote a healthy lifestyle will help employee productivity. It is about investing in your team to make sure they come to work willing and able to do their job each day.

This type of employee perk has morphed throughout the years and what was once a free or discounted gym membership has turned into so much more. It is about the physical and mental health of the individual and overall well-being. If you do offer discounted or free gym access, make sure you offer a range of services so each and every staff member can get access to a nearby and convenient location to them. There are also other perks that can be added to such as stress management classes, mindfulness courses and financial budgeting help. All these factors will help to create a happier work environment, a place where your staff want to work and feel valued.

Paid time off

Giving your employees generous paid time off is an important and sought-after employee perk. Annual leave should be offered for all permanent employees, but there are disparities across different sectors and employers. Payment for sick leave varies hugely as well. Productivity will lower if you have employees coming into work even though they are sick, and when your staff are paid, they are more likely to take the time they need to recover and be on top form when they return.

Offering great benefits for paid maternity and paternity leave are also a great bonus to add to your employee benefits package. Staff are more likely to be loyal if they know you care about them and their family, and they are also more likely to return to work for you after their leave too. By offering additional types of paid leave, including compassionate leave, you show to your staff you are understanding of their needs and concerned for their work-life balance.


What perks will you offer your employees to make a difference?

Top employers show they care about their staff and want to ensure they retain the best people. Job seekers are increasingly looking for more than just a good salary when searching for a career, they are choosing a brand, a lifestyle and a chance to work hard and play hard too. By offering these top perks you are likely to attract the right people to your business, and they are in turn more likely to stay.

Each business will be catering for staff with different needs so your benefits package will be unique to you, but the top 4 perks listed above can be valuable to most employees across many different sectors. So, whether it is creating a holistic wellbeing package to promote a healthy and happy work-life balance or providing commuter transport services to reduce the stress of the daily commute, these benefits will improve the quality of your workplace environment and the overall productivity of your business.

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