Charging Forward: Zeelo Concludes Successful Electric Vehicle Trial

Zeelo's commitment to a greener future is unyielding. With an ambitious goal to achieve net-zero services by 2030, we are already operating nearly 10% of our UK services with battery-electric vehicles
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In January 2023 we embarked on an ambitious project to support our journey in electrifying the future of transportation. Today, we proudly announce our successful completion of an Electric Vehicle (EV) Demonstrator Trial. This trial was more than a showcase; it was a critical step in our Net-Zero strategy, demonstrating the practicality of integrating battery-electric vehicles to our expansive network of coach and bus operators.

The trial, which we undertook in collaboration with Pelican and Zenobē, involved the use of a fully Zeelo-branded Yutong TCe12. This electric coach, boasting a 281Kwh battery, offers an impressive range of over 200 miles per charge, making it a game-changer in fleet electrification. Eight operators including Landflight, Hearns, Wilfreda Beehive, Marret's Chariots, Roy McCarthy, BM Coaches, Swans, and Ratho Coaches, participated over this year-long initiative, gaining hands-on experience with electric coach commutes and charging requirements. The trial used existing Zeelo contracts to identify the feasibility for operators to make the transition, which also allowed clients to benefit from a fully electric service.

The trial's impact was tangible. Two participants, Ratho Coaches and LandFlight, inspired by their experiences and Zeelo's support, have already begun incorporating electric vehicles into their fleets. These purchases signal a growing confidence in the viability and sustainability of electric coaches.

LandFlight’s Managing Director, Akhtar Ali, and Charles McIntosh, Co-Owner & Director at Ratho Coaches, both shared positive insights from the trial. They highlighted the TCe12's exceptional performance, cost-efficiency, and the supportive role of Zeelo in facilitating this transition. Their experiences underline the practical benefits and environmental advantages of adopting EVs.

LandFlight's Managing Director, Akhtar Ali, expressed confidence in the transition, stating, "Our participation in Zeelo's EV demonstrator trial provided us with invaluable insights. We are now proud to have added our first TCe12 electric coach to our fleet and are on the cusp of adding another, a decision fuelled by the positive experience and Zeelo's commitment to providing contracts that make the transition financially sustainable."

“Following a seamless trial of the TCe12 facilitated by Zeelo, the decision to integrate the EV into our fleet was a natural progression”, Says Co-Owner & Director at Ratho Coaches, Charles McIntosh. “This electric model has demonstrated exceptional performance across diverse operations in the Edinburgh area, earning high praise from both drivers and passengers alike. The positive feedback, coupled with the notable reduction in overall operating costs, solidified our confidence in the TCe12 as a sustainable and efficient addition to our fleet”.

Zeelo's commitment to a greener future is unyielding. With an ambitious goal to achieve net-zero services by 2030, we are already operating nearly 10% of their UK services with battery-electric vehicles. This steadfast dedication is a testament to our role as a pioneer in sustainable transportation.

Sam Ryan, CEO of Zeelo, emphasises the importance of this transition, acknowledging the collaborative effort between technology and operational expertise. The trial not only validates the feasibility of fleet electrification but also showcases Zeelo's role in supporting its partners through this transition with long-term contracts and operational excellence.

The success of the EV demonstrator trial is a significant milestone for Zeelo and the UK's transportation sector. It marks a forward stride in reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality, and propelling the industry towards a sustainable, electrified future. With our Net-Zero strategy, Zeelo continues to charge ahead, offering clients eco-friendly transport options and cementing our position as a champion of environmental responsibility.

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