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Easy Employee Perks That Will Benefit Both You And Your Staff

We’re now in a world where free lunches, unlimited holiday days and complimentary subscriptions to apps such as Headspace are becoming the norm. Learn here how to become a competitive player.
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Simultaneously, you as an employer will need to consider the costs and investment, making sure that your employee perks benefit both you as a business and your staff as individuals. There are many different ideas out there on how to boost your workplace performance and offer great benefits to your staff like staff transport. Here are some that we’ve thought of:

Flexible Working

More and more jobs are offering flexible working hours for their employees as job tasks become easier to execute from the comfort of their homes and around the 9-5 working hours. In fact, more than 47% of over 1,000 employees surveyed by CV Library think this is a very important employment perk. Flexible working can cover many different options and can be a great way to enable your employees to work at the best of their ability, and at the best times for them. Whether this includes working from home on a regular basis or alternative working hours that suit your staff, as long as the work is done that is all that matters. Flexible working can help people achieve a healthier work-life balance and can be essential for those working around childcare and other commitments at home. It helps employers get the best out of their employees, and makes the employees feel valued and appreciated.

Travel Benefits

Travelling to work can be a major cause of stress for employees, so anything that you can do as an employer to ease that pressure will make a big difference. 1/3 people in the UK reported not being able to get to work due to travel costs. And people that do have cars have them parked all day, wasting money and decreasing in value. There are many benefits that you as a business can offer. These include discounts on public transport, travel or cycle-to-work schemes and employee transport services. Zeelo can help out determine and implement convenient routes for your staff, which lifts financial and time pressures on both you and your employees. They can relax and start work feeling refreshed, or even enjoy flexible working hours whilst on board to leave early! All the while you can invest parking infrastructure money somewhere more important.

Good, Annual Leave

The obvious one. Everyone needs time off to decompress. Let’s face it, you’re more productive after a holiday and a well-earned rest than when you’ve been stuck at the office for months. But if your staff don’t get paid for their time off, then they may be reluctant to take any at all due to the financial pressure it may put them under. Also, they may take leave at an inconvenient time for your business, as if they are not being paid, they are less likely to be reasonable. If you are paying your staff annual leave, then they will take it at a time that is convenient for both you and your business. Annual leave is an important factor that prospective employees will look for when applying for work with suitable employers.

Workplace Refreshments

It may sound quite simple, but simplicity can be key to success. Providing complimentary tea and coffee, or even some light snacks for your staff in the kitchen or canteen can make both a social and financial difference for them. From the morning coffee to get the day going, to warming tea throughout the day, free refreshments will save your staff time, effort and money. Let’s not forget the snacks! Whether it’s biscuits and protein bars in the cupboard or doughnuts on Fridays, anything is appreciated. Water coolers should be available too, to keep everyone hydrated throughout the day.    

Training Costs And Opportunities

A great mutual benefit for both the employee and employer is an investment in training and qualifications. Your staff want to feel valued and that you as an employer support their personal growth. By offering paid relevant training as an employee perk, you will retain loyalty and gain more trust from your staff. If the training relates to a real-world qualification, then even better! For example, help with college or university tuition fees for qualifications will help your employee and enhance performance in your business. There’s also on-the-job training and tests with qualifications at the end such as diplomas or vocational training that are certificated. These types of training give advantages to your staff for the future and your business as a whole. Showing you care about staff training makes you a much more credible and trustworthy employer.


There are a few insurance schemes that may be of benefit to your employees. These range from life insurance and health insurance, to travel and gadget insurance. Many group insurance schemes offer a multiple coverage approach so that your staff can benefit from various options. This type of employee perk promotes loyalty and shows that you care about your staff’s well-being and happiness. Plus, it saves them time and money meaning they don’t need to look for and pay for insurance on their own. The easier you make their lives, the more likely they’ll want to pick you as an employer! Private health insurance also means that they’re treated quickly and well, and can come back to work quicker after sick leave.

What Employee Perks Will You Consider For Your Staff?

Keeping your staff happy and productive is an important issue to tackle now, so as an employer, you need to be looking for easy ways to make sure your workforce stays content. So, whether it’s something as simple as providing tea and coffee in the breakroom, or offering commuter services such as Zeelo for your employees, you can offer more and more perks to become an attractive company that recruits and retains great staff.

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