How can Zeelo reduce CO2 in your organisation?

Did you know that according to The World Counts, carbon dioxide emissions in 2019 may have formed a massive ‘CO2 cube’ measuring 30 kilometres on each side?
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Individuals, corporations and governments all now need to get on board. At a business and school level in particular, what can be done to reduce CO2 emissions?

Transport is a key area to consider. Transport companies like Zeelo have sustainability at their heart – it’s one of our three core pillars – and are pioneering the way in eco-conscious travel. But how exactly can Zeelo help your organisation or school reduce emissions? Continue reading for the lowdown.

CO2 emissions

To answer how Zeelo can help, let’s take a step back and look into emissions. When gases trap heat in the atmosphere, they’re called greenhouse gases (GHG). The main GHGs are:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Fluorinated gases

Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas emanating from human activities. A new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) highlights that Global CO2 emissions reached a new high of more than 36.8 billion tonnes in 2022

Tracking sustainability

If we are to decarbonise and combat climate change, measuring and tracking greenhouse gas emissions is key, and it’s vital companies have carbon and GHG reduction strategies in place.

To provide a uniform approach to GHG reporting, emissions are separated into three distinct ‘scopes’. These are defined by the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, which helps organisations prepare a fair emissions inventory.

The 3 scopes are as follows:

  • Scope 1. Direct emissions from the activities of a business, or activities under its control. These include onsite energy use, refrigerants and fleet vehicles
  • Scope 2. Indirect emissions from electricity bought and used by the corporation
  • Scope 3. All other direct emissions from sources the organisation doesn’t own or control. These generally account for the greatest share of the carbon footprint. They cover emissions from procurement, waste and water.

Scope 3 also includes business travel and employee commuting. For businesses to reach sustainability goals, accurately measuring and tracking Scope 3 emissions is vital. Although net-zero emissions are the aim, by keeping on top of Scope 3 emissions, organisations can:

  • Be aware of emission hotspots
  • Identify risks in their supply chain such as resource and energy
  • Highlight which suppliers are sustainability leaders and laggards
  • Determine supply chain energy efficiency and cost reduction opportunities
  • Enhance the energy efficiency of products and services offered
  • Positively engage with staff to lower emissions from employee commuting
Government plans

Reducing CO2 emitted via transport isn’t just something some organisations are thinking about, the UK government is advocating the change too.

Following on from ‘Decarbonising transport: setting the challenge’ published in March 2020, the July 2021 transport decarbonisation blueprint lays out commitments and actions required by the government to decarbonise the entire transport system in the UK.

The plan includes:

  • The UK’s pathway to net-zero transport by 2050
  • Wider advantages net-zero transport delivers
  • Principles underpinning the approach to net-zero transport

Mike Thompson, Chief Economist of the Climate Change Committee (CCC) said: “We’re pleased to see another step forward in the Government’s commitment to deliver a net-zero UK. The Transport Decarbonisation Plan and aviation consultation are two of seven key strategies that we highlighted in our recent progress report as overdue.”

Zeelo: the way forward

Backed by the government and aided by the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard to measure and track CO2, organisations and schools are in a strong position to lower their transport-related carbon dioxide emissions.

According to Mobilityways, transport is the largest source of carbon emissions in the UK – commuting accounts for 18 billion kilograms of CO​2 emissions, equating to 25% of transport emissions and 5% of total emissions. To reduce these figures, sustainable commuting and school transport solutions are essential.

Enter Zeelo: a safe, smart and fully managed bus service for commuting and school runs. Streamlined, easy to use and customer-centric, riders can use Zeelo’s mobile apps to buy and manage their bookings.

Using first-rate technology, a central platform manages and allocates trips, there’s transparent and actionable reporting, 24/7 support, and all drivers are enhanced DBS checked. Furthermore, customisable routing allows companies and schools to attract new employees and pupils.

“Zeelo’s 24/7 customer service and vehicle tracking allows us to know where the vehicles and children are at all times” says a parent from Stratford Girls’ Grammar School.

Congestion around sites is a massive issue. With Zeelo’s affordable commuting solution, businesses and schools can reach sustainability goals and free up car park space. A sustainable transport service like Zeelo removes about 30 cars from the road, and your site car park.

“Since Zeelo’s service began we have seen a significant decrease in traffic and congestion around KES school,” says a parent from King Edward VI School.

By running just one service with Zeelo, companies and schools save up to five tons of carbon dioxide every month. In 2022, Zeelo helped clients eradicate over 2500 tons in CO2 emissions, equating to planting 43,151 trees. 

“Zeelo removes 300 cars a day from our car park which has allowed our site to operate without any disruption” says the Travel to Work team at Jaguar Land Rover.

Additionally, Zeelo is starting to run fully electric shuttles, giving the option of going green with a net-zero commute. To find out more about our commitment to sustainability, take a look at our 2022 Sustainable Impact Report.

There’s vast potential for organisations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In terms of transport, employers and educational facilities play a crucial role in decarbonising the commute and school run and decreasing Scope 3 emissions.

It’s possible to meet sustainability goals and dramatically reduce air pollution and car traffic around businesses and schools by utilising a sustainable commuting and school transport solution like Zeelo.

Each time Zeelo provides a transport alternative to 100 people, 403 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions are saved every day, equating to 91 tonnes annually – the equivalent of planting 600 trees. Keen to find out more?

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