How Public Transportation Deserts Are Hindering Staff Retention

Learn more about public transportation deserts—areas with minimal access to public transit—that are presenting a unique challenge for companies looking to recruit and retain staff.
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Addressing The Issue Of Public Transportation Deserts

There are a number of issues that arise when public transportation deserts exist in an area. Firstly, it can be difficult for people to get to and from work if there is no reliable public transportation. This can lead to staff retention problems, as employees may leave an organization if they cannot depend on public transportation to get them to work on time. Secondly, public transportation deserts can also create social isolation among employees. If people cannot depend on public transportation to get around, they may be less likely to socialise with their co-workers or participate in company events. This can lead to a feeling of isolation and loneliness, which can make it difficult for people to stay motivated at work. Finally, public transportation deserts can also impact an organization’s bottom line. If employees are unable to get to work on time or participate in company events, it can lead to a loss of productivity and revenue.

Staff Retention

In many parts of the United Kingdom, public transportation is unreliable, inefficient, and expensive. This lack of reliable public transportation can be a major barrier to staff retention, as employees may have difficulty getting to work on time or may need to spend a significant amount of money on transportation costs. In “transportation deserts” – areas where public transportation is either nonexistent or very limited – this problem is compounded. Employees in these areas may need to find alternative means of transportation, such as driving, ride-sharing or biking, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, employees who live in transportation deserts may have difficulty getting to essential services, such as doctor’s appointments or grocery stores. This can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration, which can eventually lead to staff turnover. Organisations that are located in transportation deserts should be aware of the challenges their employees face and make an effort to address them. Providing subsidies for alternative transportation methods, such as ride-sharing providing shared transport solutions like the ones Zeelo provides, can help employees get to work without breaking the bank. Additionally, offering flexible work hours or working from home options can help employees who have difficulty getting to work on time.

Staff Recruitment

This lack of reliable transportation can pose a major challenge for businesses who are trying to recruit staff. Many potential employees simply cannot get to work without a car, and even those who do have a car may not be able to rely on public transit to get them to and from work each day. As a result, businesses in transportation deserts often have a much smaller pool of potential employees to choose from. There are a few ways that businesses can try to mitigate the impact of transportation deserts on their staff recruitment efforts. One option is to provide potential employees with reimbursement for their travel expenses. Another option is to offer flexible work hours or telecommuting options that allow employees to work around their transportation limitations. Ultimately, however, the best solution to the problem of transportation deserts is to invest in better public transit or provide a suitable alternative for the daily commute. By making it easier for people to get around without a car, we can make it easier for businesses to find the qualified employees they need.

How Zeelo Is Working Around Public Transportation Deserts

Public transportation deserts are a major issue for businesses that rely on staff retention. Poor access to public transit means more employees are forced to drive, leading to traffic congestion, parking issues and longer commute times – all of which can have an impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. By investing in improved public transportation infrastructure and commuter services, companies can ensure their employees have the resources they need to get from home to work quickly and efficiently. This will help them retain valuable talent while also improving their bottom line.

To help make the commute to work a little bit easier, you might want to consider using a service like Zeelo. The benefits of working with Zeelo are that we provide a seamless booking platform and live vehicle tracking on the day of the commute. Plus, we offer relaxing commutes in vehicles that are comfortable and fit for purpose.

Businesses that provide a Zeelo transportation solution for their employees to and from work (Home-to-work, Late Night, Last Mile, Intra-Campus or Park & Ride) will enjoy the ability to reclaim time spent stuck in traffic behind the wheel due to a lack of available and affordable public transportation by enjoying stress and hassle-free travel.

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Public transportation deserts—areas with minimal access to public transit—present a unique challenge for companies looking to recruit and retain staff.

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