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How To Provide Your Employees With A Commute That Makes A Difference

In these testing times, we are all encouraged to avoid public transport as much as we can. However, this is not always an option for those employees who need to travel to and from work each day.
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For many employees, the daily commute can be a significant source of stress and frustration. However, as businesses look to attract and retain top talent, providing reliable and efficient employee transport services and corporate shuttles is becoming increasingly important. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of offering transport solutions that go beyond the standard commute, creating a positive and rewarding experience for employees. From reducing the environmental impact of commuting to promoting work-life balance and creating a sense of community among employees, we'll show you how to provide a commute that makes a difference. Join us as we explore the key factors that make a difference to employee commutes and how Zeelo is working to create innovative transport solutions that meet the needs of businesses and employees alike.

So, how can you offer your employees an alternative commute that is safe and does not cost a fortune?

Offering a travel solution

If you have many employees that need to be on-site at a certain time, providing a service that enables them to travel safely and on time will be of mutual benefit. Your staff may be worried about travelling on public transport, or if they work irregular hours or shift times, services might be reduced or not running at all. With a commuter bus service, employees are given the opportunity to travel to work in a secure, reliable and comfortable environment.

Benefits Of A Commuter Bus

What is a commuter service? These are planned rides using buses or coaches specifically to a workplace journey. You can choose multiple pick-up locations that will be best for your employees and choose times that correspond with their shift patterns or to suit your workplace needs. You can split costs with your employees, and they can book rides depending on their circumstances and needs.

Using a commuter bus will also mean your employees always get to work on time, but there are much wider benefits of using this service too.

A Benefit For Recruitment

If you are looking to attract new staff to join your workforce, having an easy and safe way to get to work will be a great draw. Include the option of commuter transport in your employee benefits when advertising vacancies – in a time where it can be worrying to travel by public transport, having a regular work bus that is only transporting you and your colleagues is very reassuring. It also shows that as an employer you care about the welfare of your workers.

Retaining Your Current And Future Staff

Offering a commuter service is also an excellent benefit for current staff and gives them a reason to stay loyal to your company. It is an affordable option for the workplace commute, often cheaper than public transport, and provides direct transport some employees would not otherwise find. Some staff may even be able to get to work in a location that would be unreachable without the service. This is especially great when it comes to shift work and unsociable hours, as staff will always have a way to get to and from work.  It will also save your staff money when compared to rail and bus tickets or fuel and parking costs.

Encouraging Sustainability

We’ve seen how commuter transport is beneficial for both employers and employees, but it also helps the environment too. Instead of multiple cars being on the road, having employees use commuter buses vastly reduces the number of employees travelling on their own on a daily basis. This in turn means your company is contributing to reducing emissions and helping the environment.  It may not be your top priority now but going forward you will be on your way to making necessary changes to reduce your impact on the environment and meet your sustainability goals.

Reducing The Stress Of The Commute

Commuting can be stressful whether you are driving to work or taking public transport. In fact, the longer an employee spends commuting, the bigger impact it has on their mental health. Extended time travelling makes the working day a lot longer too, leaving much less time for rest and relaxation between shifts. Travelling to work on a commuter bus will relieve some of that stress and ensure staff are more refreshed and ready to work when they arrive. The atmosphere of the commuter bus will also give employees a chance to either rest or catch up before and after work, within the required distancing measures.

No Parking, No Problem

If you have a large number of employees, it is often not feasible to offer parking spaces for everyone at your workplace. It can take up a lot of space and be costly to build and maintain. When you offer a commuter service, you will only need a small number of parking spaces as most employees can be dropped off at your location. It will also save your employees more money than they would normally pay for parking at a nearby car park.

Choosing A Commuter Service For Your Staff

As you can see there are many benefits to providing commuter buses for your staff. When you book with Zeelo you can be sure to receive a safe and reliable service. Everything is being done to minimise the risk and keep your employees secure and healthy. Onboard social distancing is enabled, deep cleaning and PPE is to a high standard, as well as contract tracing set up on each ride.

Why not see what Zeelo can do for your business and take a look at your transport options here?

At a time when many businesses are struggling, a commuter bus is just one way to keep open and move forward to remain operating successfully and keep your staff safe and happy at work.  

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