How Zeelo Is Changing The World One Ride At A Time

It’s an exciting time for Zeelo, with wonderful new opportunities on the horizon; and we are hard at work, driving our Net-Zero strategy and goal of fulfilling over 8,000,000 journeys on EV buses
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At Zeelo, we are dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable shared transport solutions, including employee transport services and corporate shuttles. As urban areas continue to grow and traffic congestion worsens, it's becoming increasingly important for companies to offer reliable and eco-friendly transportation options for their employees. That's where Zeelo comes in - with our asset-light business model and focus on electric vehicles, we're leading the way in revolutionizing the shared transport industry. In this article, we'll explore how Zeelo is changing the world, one ride at a time. From our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint to the positive impact we're having on companies and communities, we're proud to be making a difference. Join us as we delve into the ways in which Zeelo is transforming the future of transportation.

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Protecting The Environment

From an environmental standpoint, Zeelo is the 1st global bus platform to offer 100% carbon neutral services. How are we able to do this? By aligning with strategic environment consultant; Climate Partner, Zeelo offsets the entirety of all of our journey’s carbon emissions through offsetting projects in Uganda, Bulgaria, Columbia and Brazil. A high-quality carbon offset project can reduce emissions by lowering, avoiding, or eliminating carbon from the atmosphere while also providing additional benefits like enhancing livelihoods, preserving biodiversity, and supporting a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s a great source of pride for us that we can boast that every time Zeelo provides a transportation alternative to 100 riders, 403 kg of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reduced each day, amounting to 91 tonnes per year – or the equivalent of planting 600 trees!

But we don’t think that offsetting emissions is enough! Zeelo is fully committed to providing Net Zero emission transportation services in the UK and developed markets by 2030 and in emerging markets by 2035. To assist the bus and coach industry in sharing our drive to become electric and to mitigate challenges associated with electric vehicle deployment, we have created a scheme that allows operators an easier adoption of electric vehicles. Leading with long-term client contracts, partnering with bus & coach importers and with charging and financing companies, we are on hand to assist operators in making the transition to electric far easier than if they had to do it themselves.

For full details on how we are supporting the bus and coach sector in a transition towards electric fleets, why not come and visit us at this year’s Euro Bus Expo (Stand A22) where we will be sharing our vision for a vibrant and electrifying future. In addition to exhibiting, Zeelo are also sponsoring free, emissions free transfers to and from the NEC. With the event set to attract 9,000 attendees, coaches to the event have the potential to take 900 return car journeys off the road; with the added benefit of reducing pollution and improving congestion.

Driving Social Mobility to Improve Job Prospects

Social impact isn’t just about buzzwords. Better transport is critical to improving access to opportunities like a great job or a great school. But what on earth is social mobility, you may ask? In this strange new world we find ourselves having to navigate, we are finding that so many around the globe are finding themselves trapped in unemployment or lower-paid jobs simply because they can no longer afford to put fuel in their cars, or access cheap and reliable public transportation; vital tools that most of us take for granted yet desperately need to access new career opportunities. Social mobility is how we identify this movement of individuals or households between social classes, often as a direct result of access to better-paying jobs.

In this, we are pleased to be playing our part; not only in the provision of safe, reliable and cost-effective commuter transportation but the creation of thousands of new and more readily accessible job opportunities that public transportation deserts in developed markets and the current cost of living crisis make all the harder to fill. In this last year alone, Zeelo transportation solutions have been responsible for generating 8309 new jobs across the United Kingdom and the United States, a region we are seeing significant growth and expansion in. We are excited to see an increased impact in the years to come as we partner with new and existing clients around the world.

Our success in providing tailored transport for corporate clients has been made easier through the support of our bus and coach operator partners; which has seen 1,506 drivers employed specifically for Zeelo services, representing a 1048% increase in driver allocation year on year from 2020-2021 across the UK and US regions. Due to rapid business expansion, which necessitates more routes and services for both new and existing education clients, we have also seen a 200% increase in the employment rates of school bus drivers compared to the same period in 2020.

Ensuring Complete Operational Transparency

Many organisations today are under huge pressure to increase the openness of their operations, from multinational corporations and government agencies to individual companies and service providers like Zeelo. The reputational risks associated with not doing so can be significant for those businesses providing a service as well as the clients relying on them. Not to mention the impact it can have on the overall growth and profitability of any business; particularly those seeking to gain a foothold in a foreign market.

We’re extremely proud to share that Zeelo is officially enterprise-ready for even faster expansion in the US where we have and continue to serve both corporate and education clients following the opening of our Boston-based office in 2021.

We have passed both SOC2 Type I and Type II compliance audits demonstrating our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customer’s data as we continue to ensure the highest standards in information security required in the USA & Europe in relation to both our technology and products.

What’s so important about SOC2 compliance? With SOC2 being a requirement to secure enterprise contracts in the US market, this accreditation has allowed Zeelo to expand and speed up its commercial operations across the pond.

For a company to become SOC 2 Type II compliant, it takes more than just having the right technology in place — they must also have rigorous and stringent processes as well. SOC2 is an assurance that an organisation has implemented the proper procedures to protect the usage, confidentiality, availability and integrity of its client's data.

Given the state of global affairs in 2022, Zeelo can be seen to be playing a critical role in the community, providing safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation to commuters and students alike in the wake of rising fuel costs and public transportation fares. With such a huge responsibility it becomes vital that our stakeholders, both internal and external, feel secure in the knowledge that we are an organisation that conducts business with complete honesty, integrity and total transparency.

Revolutionising Transportation Infrastructure

In an effort to continue delivering a service that transcends the convenience of driving a car, we are able to maintain and further develop Zeelo’s service offering using RINA (Routing Intelligent Navigation Algorithm), a proprietary AI-powered software. To identify underserved public transit zones (or public transportation deserts) for employees, we collect and input fully anonymised geographic information and by analysing varied demographic data and our rider's travel habits, we develop suitable timetables that can adapt to accommodate flexible and varied work schedules; bridging the gap between today’s contemporary workforce and diminishing public sector transportation.

The transportation industry is gearing up for a technological revolution, one that will be fuelled by a number of new technologies which are just starting to take off that will advance consumer interaction and satisfaction, while at the same time, serve to reverse the damage caused by climate change. Real-time information exchange between commuters and service providers, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart algorithms that enable quick data processing and automated system operations are a few examples of what’s on the horizon. When considering scope 3 carbon emission reduction at a corporate level, this technology could be more helpful than you might think.

Take route optimisation for instance, which has the capability of enhancing passenger load factor, (which means that fewer vehicles are needed on the road), can lower wasteful CO2 emissions brought on by traffic congestion, can reduce total kilometres travelled, and can ultimately provide the flexibility and knowledge needed to react to rapidly changing external circumstances. Here at Zeelo, we want to make buses as green as riding a bike, and we have the technology, the partners and the moxy to do just that!

It’s an exciting time for Zeelo, with wonderful new opportunities on the horizon; our partnership with Zenobē is creating opportunities for our operator partners to trial electric fleet infrastructure, we recently launched the UK’s first fully electric school bus, aided in the creation of thousands of new jobs worldwide and we are hard at work, driving our Net-Zero strategy and goal of fulfilling over 8 million journeys on electric buses by 2030.

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