London Based Global Bus Platform Zeelo Welcome Government’s Bus Strategy Announcement

Zeelo, the bus platform for organisations has warmly welcomed the recent £3 Billion Bus Strategy Announcement set out by the Government.
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Sam Ryan, Zeelo CEO said ‘It’s great to see the industry get this sort of Government backing. We’re fully behind the government’s announcement. Zeelo was founded on the principles of giving everyone access to convenient, sustainable transport, powered through technology and further funding into the sector will only help achieve this’

A Zeelo Bus. Each Zeelo takes 30 cars off the road.

Zeelo partners with major organisations to deliver it’s bus service, utilising data to build compelling routes in ‘transport deserts’ where public transport does not currently operate.

Ryan continues ‘Through our algorithm, we complement existing public transport networks by finding gaps where there is demand with the goal of moving people out of cars into our smart bus platform. It’s this focus on service design that allows us to remove 30 car journeys of the road per service we operate,’

Zeelo has also recently launched a new technology offering to bus and coach operators. The service named ‘ZeeRide’ will allow operators to digitalise their own services and add simple app based ticketing and tracking for the users of their services.

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