Re-thinking Transportation For Businesses, Cities And Transport Operators So We Can Re-open Safely

Over the past few weeks, Zeelo has been working closely with companies such as Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Avara Foods, and Argos to ensure the safe transport of their key workers to and from work every day.
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Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future. In the midst of public transport challenges and the need for continued distancing, we can provide technology-enabled safe bus services so staff can get safely to and from work.

As we’ve seen in China, understandably people are hesitant to return to using public transport and thus there has been a significant rise in the number of private car journeys.

Cities and businesses in most cases will not be able to cater to the shift in transportation demand.

We have seen what COVID-19 has done for the environment, with CO2 levels at new lows, but what will happen now? Businesses and cities alike had seen the shared mobility trend start to really impact sustainability; so now more than ever, Zeelo is able to help with their COVID-19 measures and safe transport alternatives.

We have already helped our partners build stronger business continuity plans for the future, but what now for cities and transport agencies?

Let us address 2 issues:

1) For many bus routes, demand was just enough before COVID-19 to make it worth running, but now as we start to re-open parts of our economy, we will suddenly see a growing number of loss-making routes. Zeelo can help by ensuring that routes are only run at times when demand requires it.

2) As we re-open, the bottleneck of peak travel times will be challenging to manage. Social distancing will be almost impossible at current capacity but Zeelo has shown already that there is a way to put such measures in place. We can support with enforcing measures as well as access to additional capacity through a network of vetted coach operators with otherwise unused vehicles

We use software and a 24/7 operations centre to enforce infection control measures to keep riders safe. All of our services stick to a strict capacity limit, with social distancing on board, PPE for all our drivers and vehicles are fully sanitised before and after each transfer.

Through the collection of data in line with relevant privacy laws, we are able to provide a contact tracing tool to minimise the spread of the virus in the event of a driver or passengers presenting with symptoms.

We have already seen great success supporting the COVID-19 effort with the changes that we have put in place and we are ready to work with our operator partners, business and the public sector in the coming days, weeks and hopefully, for a continued, safer, more sustainable future.

If you would like to know more or get in touch with our team, please feel to get in contact with us directly sales@zeelo.co

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