Ride-Sharing to Work: The Pros and Cons

If you live in the city or work out at a business park and are a working adult, you’ll know there are few things as tedious as catching public transport to and from your workplace each day.
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Tackling the daily commute is a challenge that we all are aware of, and for those that work outside of major transportation hubs, this can be an expensive and time-consuming venture.

Unfortunately, congested city roads and transport systems are the way of the world right now. You just have to suck it up or move to somewhere quieter to escape it all. Or do you?

The rise of the ridesharing industry

Ridesharing, or rides-for-hire services, have become a popular alternative to public transport and taxi services of late. Many commuters prefer using such a service because of its sophisticated, app-based technology that puts control back in the passenger’s hands. This is why Zeelo has adapted the ridesharing concept to create a staff transportation service for people needing reliable and cost-effective lifts to work.

But more on that later…

The pros of ridesharing

For some, ridesharing is a preferred option to using their own transport and having to look for and pay for parking at a venue each day. Service providers generally offer clients a cashless and clean transport service and, what’s more, rates are upfront, and trips can be shared with friends to split travel costs. Technically, using a ride-for-hire service is safer and more reliable than public transport. Rating systems for drivers can help passengers know if their driver can be trusted, and also motivates drivers to get you where you need to be in one piece.

A few glitches in the rideshare matrix

While you can pre-schedule your taxi/private hire up to 3 months beforehand, the technology is dependent on the availability of drivers in your area, and a queue system to allocate a driver to you. The fancy word for this is ‘on-demand’, which, for some, has turned into ‘waiting for much longer than expected for my lift to arrive.’

Rates also fluctuate depending on the time of day you’re travelling, and ridesharing options are out the window if you don’t have a buddy living nearby who is going the same direction as you.

Hire a private minibus or coach to work instead

Ridesharing is still a great idea though, which is why Zeelo has taken the best of ride-for-hire and public transport services and combined these to offer corporate shuttles to our clients’ places of employment.

Our tech-based corporate shuttle offering means passengers can:

  • Pre-book their transport online
  • Know who their driver is before pick-up
  • Track their lift’s exact whereabouts via the Zeelo tracking
  • Have convenient pick-ups within 5 minutes from their door
  • Buy weekly passes or use an employee benefit
  • Get to work in comfort and on time with Wi-Fi onboard
  • Get in touch with our live chat support team if anything goes wrong

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