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Top 5 Tips To Boost Your Company’s Productivity

When your staff are underperforming it can really cost your business. The UK economy loses £73 billion a year in lost productivity, that’s a lot of money being wasted!
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Provide the right workplace conditions

It can be unmotivating to walk into the same office day after day if the conditions are not welcoming and positive. The layout, amount of natural light and break areas all make a difference to the workplace environment. Simple things like clean bathroom facilities, working air conditioning and heating systems need to be right – if the basics aren’t there, your staff won’t feel happy or motivated to get on with their work.

Good quality equipment is also key. Give your staff the right tools to do their job effectively and productivity will improve. Make sure staff computers, internet service and other essentials are fit for purpose to give your team the tools to complete their work quickly, efficiently and without problems. Find the right providers to fit your business and remember, investment in the right equipment and conditions will certainly pay off later on.

Pay your staff a competitive wage

If your staff think they are not being paid enough for the job they are doing they are likely to become disgruntled. Offering a competitive salary upon recruitment will make sure you hire the right people and retain them to grow within your business. That said if you don’t keep up pay rises and achievable incentives in line with the rest of your sector you might find your staff looking elsewhere. Good work should not be overlooked and by recognizing this you will show you care.

Consider a regular review with your staff such as an annual meeting where performance and pay are discussed. Your employees will know what is expected of them and how they can work towards a potential pay rise and any productivity concerns can be addressed. Giving employees an open forum to discuss openly and honestly is hugely beneficial and knowing what they are working towards and rewarding performance with pay rises will increase overall productivity from your staff.

Offer rewards and benefits

Incentives are always a good way to boost performance, so having great rewards and benefits options will make a difference in how productive your workforce is. Perhaps you could provide discounted or free gym memberships and medical plans to help your staff stay happy and healthy. There are also simple things like free coffee and snacks in the breakroom. These seemingly small benefits can make a big difference and add up to positively impact the overall atmosphere and efficiency of the company.

Stress can significantly reduce productivity at work, and the commute can be a major factor in work-related stress. A great perk to offer staff to take that stress away from commuters is to offer an alternative transport solution to and from work. Why not offer a personalized bus service, like those offered by Zeelo, to collect employees from specified pick-up points and drop your staff to work on time? This gives them the chance to relax, chat to colleagues or catch up with work instead of that stressful drive or delayed train.

Develop your staff

Training and development for your employees will benefit both you and your business. There are certain training needs that are essential to all jobs such as health and safety and IT systems, but you may want to further upskill your staff to ensure they become even more capable and have the opportunity to progress.

The training you offer can be in-house, such as leadership and development training from senior managers, or you can look to external companies to provide more specific training for you. It’s worth considering partnerships with colleges and universities to give your staff the opportunity to gain real qualifications in their relevant fields. Investment in development will show your staff that you care and will benefit your business through more capable, qualified staff.

Agree on flexible working arrangements

According to the University of Warwick, employees are 12% more productive when they are happy and a huge contributing factor to happiness is having a good work-life balance. Flexible working arrangements are becoming more popular with employees as they can get things done to fit their own schedules. Homeworking or adaptable working hours can make a big difference to the lives of your staff, and in turn, they are more productive during the time that they are working.

How flexible you can be will depend on the type of business you have. However, there are varying degrees of flexibility that most can apply. Staff working from home one day a week may suit some employers, or simply allow staff to start or finish earlier to avoid traffic and congestion. Devise flexible working options that are right for you and your employees and you’ll see the difference made to their productivity.

How will you improve your company’s productivity?

There are many ways to boost your company’s productivity and you don’t need to spend a lot to reap the rewards. Making small changes and listening to the needs of your employees will help you to develop the right strategy for your business. Investing in your people will provide a happier working environment for everyone. So, whether it is free coffee in the breakroom, more training and development or providing commuter transport for stress-free journeys, taking steps to improve your business for your staff now will certainly boost your outcome in the future.

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