Top 5 Tips To Save Money On Your Parking Space

Parking can be really expensive, especially if you need to find secure and reliable parking every day. It can amount to a large proportion of your salary and cost you time too.
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What Is The Problem With Parking?

British drivers waste an average of four days a year looking for a place to park. Whether it’s trying to find a space at work or parking when we arrive back home, UK drivers make approximately 25 billion car journeys each year with an average of 39 million parking acts each day taking place away from our homes. That’s a lot of cars on the road, and a lot of spaces being taken up by vehicles not being used.

Frequent parking problems include a shortage of spaces, high parking charges and traffic congestion. Popular areas such as city centres will always be a busy and expensive place to park as there is an increasing demand for space. You may, therefore, be considering some alternatives to this stressful and time-consuming problem.

Take a look at these top 5 tips to save money on your daily parking expenses:

1.     Alternative Parking Options

Instead of parking in regular car parks try and find an alternative option. This may include free street parking that is further away. You can save money just by walking a little further from your car to your destination. Or try using parking apps that allow you to pay and park on driveways of people who rent out their space when they are not using it. Search ahead for cheap spaces to park at a reduced price, and you could even offset your parking costs by hiring out your own driveway.

2.     Use Commuter Services

Another great alternative to driving and parking is to use a commuter bus or coach. This transport option guarantees you a seat in a comfortable vehicle, gets you to your destination direct and on time, and you won’t need to worry about parking. Your employer might offer this service exclusively for employees, or as an employer, you might want to consider signing up to offer this to your staff. Businesses can save money by providing transport services as opposed to the expensive upkeep of parking lots or parking expenses. Commuter buses, like those offered by Zeelo, have the option of bespoke collection and drop off points, bookable seats and can include free Wi-Fi or coffee if you require it.

3.     Pay For An Annual Parking Pass

If you simply must park in a car park you may want to opt for a parking pass. Rather than paying for parking on a daily basis why not pay in advance for a longer period and get a discount. This is great if you park in the same place every day and don’t really have an alternative. You may wish to pay weekly, monthly or annually depending on what’s on offer. You could also consider using park and ride service for car parks which you can pay for in advance at a discount. These tend to be cheaper than central car parks too.

4.     Book In Advance

If you plan your parking before you travel you are likely to save money on the daily cost. Especially if you are parking in different places throughout the week or in particularly expensive places such as airports. In fact, you could save up to 35% compared to the on the day cost when you book parking ahead of time at UK airports. You should also do your research on parking locations when you are planning your journey. Use price comparison websites and location tools online to find the right priced parking in the right place for you.

5.     Lift Share

A simple way to halve your parking costs is to share the cost with a colleague who travels the same or similar journey. Sharing a lift with other staff members will not only save money on parking costs but also on fuel and car maintenance too. You may want to set up a car-pooling network within your workplace meaning a group can share the load. Problems may arise however when staff cannot attend work or are away from the workplace meaning alternative transport will need to be arranged. Have a look for lift share websites where you can join a community of others wanting to share their rides.

How Will You Save Money On Your Parking Space?

There are many different options you might want to consider when searching for an alternative to paying high prices for parking. Although they might not suit everyone, there are certainly ways to save money and reduce the stress of today’s parking problems. So, whether you leave the car at home and hop on a commuter service, or spend some time finding the right-priced parking passes in your area, find the best way for you to enjoy a few more pounds in your pocket at the end of the week.

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