We just raised £4.25m to change the way people travel

Travel shouldn’t be an inconvenience, nor should it be a break in the day. It should be working faster, better, seamlessly. And we certainly shouldn’t be spending hours each day stuck behind the wheel
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Hopping on at this stop: sustainability investor ETF Partners. Managing Partner, Patrick Sheehan, will join the board with Tomer Strikovsky working closely alongside. Every Zeelo service takes 30 cars off the road on a daily basis. The team at ETF share our excitement for how our service can reduce the need for car ownership and solve some of the pressing issues our world faces today. They join a number of past angel investors, InMotion Ventures and Dynamo, who continue to give us tremendous support.

Woah, £4.25m! It’s a big step for Zeelo. So what will we do with it?
  • Double down on our data-led approach: this allows us to build profitable routes, at a pace, which customers love and are designed around their needs
  • Continue to invest in product and technology: to meet the needs of our passengers, our operators, our drivers and our partners, whilst automating the end-to-end process of delivering a shared transportation service
  • Continue putting our customers first as we scale: ensuring everyone has someone to talk to when they need support
  • Invest in the on-board experience and define the future of shared transportation: so our passengers can make the best use of their travelling time, whether it’s for work or pleasure
  • Invest in new vehicle technologies including EVs and AVs
  • Launch new verticals beyond sports events, festivals, commuting and private charter
  • Launch new regions beyond the UK and South Africa

Why Zeelo is important to the world

  1. Outside of London, 75% of people drive to work.
  2. Those cars carry an average of 1.16 passengers at a time [1]
  3. The average commuter in the UK spends a whopping 52 mins per day behind the wheel of a car [2].

Many talk about the ‘death of car ownership’ but so many people across the globe are completely dependent on their cars. Often they don’t have access to any shared transportation options at all, let alone ‘good’ ones.

These people deserve better.

We find these underserved areas and build personalised shared transportation services to meet the needs of passengers; delivering the service through a network of under-utilised coaches. This approach has led to over 75% of Zeelo passengers leaving their car at home and over 45% now re-considering car ownership since we introduced our service.

It’s clear that we can have a significant impact on the lives of our passengers in terms of time and cost savings and fundamentally, the impact we can have more widely with respect to climate change and congestion.

Thanks to

  • Our awesome team who have worked tirelessly to get us this far
  • My co-founders Barney and Dani – it’s been an incredible journey with you both
  • John, Piotr and Michael – we’ve been a great team on this fundraise
  • Our past investors who continue to give incredible support on an ongoing basis – InMotion, Dynamo, Liam and all of our angel investors
  • Our new investor, ETF Partners, and specifically Patrick and Tomer – we can’t wait to work with you as we scale
  • Our advisors, most notably Joelson – thank you to Kate and Phil for supporting us through this round and since the early days! (I would recommend to any early-stage growth company)

More exciting news to follow!

Sam Ryan

Co-Founder & CEO, Zeelo

[1][2] Data points based on data from Department for Transport: car occupancy, travel to work.

Sam and Barney Zeelo

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