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Meet your company’s sustainability targets

Transportation is a substantial and growing contributor to air pollution exposure. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the transportation sector is responsible for around one-quarter of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fuel combustion. Businesses, where each employee drives to and from work every day, add to a lot of vehicles on the road. The effect of this is growing, and with the welfare of our environment being of increasing concern more businesses are looking for new and unique ways to reduce their impact.

Hit your sustainability targets and promote yourself as a sustainable business by reducing one of the biggest causes of emissions, single-use motor vehicle travels. Being an ethical business and showing you care for the environment also makes you much more attractive as a potential employer.  

Free up parking space

The costs of providing and maintaining car parking for your business can really mount up – the land itself, the upkeep of the spaces, the technology needed for parking barriers or employees hired as parking attendants to name but a few. By providing commuter services, like those offered by Zeelo, you can reduce the number of people driving to work which in turn means fewer parking spaces are required.

If you don’t provide parking spaces for your staff then removing their need to drive will save your employees time and money. It might take a long time to find a space near your business or the parking costs may be high, especially in towns and cities where parking is at a premium.

Reduce stress in the workplace

Our daily commutes are often the most stressful part of the working day and can cause staff to arrive at work in need of a break before they even get started. Being stuck for hours on end in traffic or crammed on a delayed busy train; the options are often infuriating and not conducive to kickstarting a productive day.

By offering commuter transportation staff can get to work on time in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Instead of focusing on driving, employees can relax, catch up on some work or just chat with their colleagues outside the office. They arrive at work less frustrated and ready for the day ahead.

Save more
Retain staff and keep them loyal

Offering employees perks shows your staff you are invested in not only their wellbeing but also their future and offering a more relaxing commute can be a great one. Your business may be a difficult to get to location, parking may be tight, or the hours may vary and not coincide with local public transit.

By offering an alternative and easier commute you make your company a more appealing place to work. You also save your employees the cost of wear and tear to their own personal vehicles as well as fuel too. It is a benefit that similar employers may not offer and might just help keep your best staff working for you rather than your competitors.

Make Zeelo work for you

If you’re looking to introduce or update the way your employees travel to work each day our daily commuter buses may be what you need. Using data and technology we work with businesses to build the best possible route for their employees. Choose personalized pick-up points that suit your staff and Zeelo will arrange the right times and routes for your business needs.

Whatever your business transport needs, Zeelo can find the right solution for you. If you are looking to become more environmentally friendly, Zeelo offers a more sustainable form of transport lessening the impact of your employees’ commute on the environment. Or, you might want to offer more staff perks to help the work-life balance of your employees by saving them time, and money and relieve the daily stress of their commute. Whichever your motivation for working with Zeelo, the benefits of these services are of great value for both your business and your staff.

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