Your Office Can Always Be In The Right Location

Let’s face it, not every office is easy to get to and office space can be really expensive, especially in city centres. If your business needs space, the cost for an office in the city can rise
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Affordable Office Space

With this in mind, you may decide to base your business in a more cost-effective location. Moving away from the sky-high rentals in sought-after city centres, suburban and more residential areas tend to be more reasonably priced. Affordable office space will give your business more flexibility and provide the right working environment for your staff.

The Importance Of Office Location

As well as the cost of the space, one of the biggest considerations when choosing a workplace location is how easy it is to get to. Public transport links and nearby parking facilities are often factors to be measured. However, if you take the transport issue out of the equation you open yourself up to many more opportunities and flexibility.

Commuter Services

If your employees find it hard to get to work, why not provide the transport they need. With commuter solutions you can book commuter coaches or buses with Zeelo and get your employees to work easily and on time. Choose the pick-up locations depending on your employees’ needs so they can simply hop on the commuter bus direct to your office.

This is a great employee perk, saving both time and money for your staff. The cost of owning and running a car can be up to 24% of an employee’s wages, so by offering transport solutions, you could really be saving your staff a lot of money. And knowing there’s always a way to get to work can reduce the burden of travelling, wherever the office may be. Commuter services are a reliable form of transport and staff will always know where their transport is as they can track their journey on a mobile app. So, no need to wait a long time at a bus stop before they are collected.  No matter the location of your office, employees can be assured one of the most stressful parts of the day is taken care of.

A More Productive Commute

When you provide transport for your employees, the commute can be the beginning of the working day. By choosing services that include onboard Wi-Fi and workspace, your staff can clock in as soon as they climb aboard and start their work on the way to the office.

Checking emails and arranging appointments are tasks that can be completed whilst on the journey to work, meaning no time is wasted driving or being stuck in traffic. Plus, when work is started on route, the time spent in the office can be reduced, meaning a more productive use of your employee’s time.  I’m sure most people would agree, if you can work through your commute and have a shorter working day, it will have a positive impact on your work-life balance.

Problems With Alternative Office Locations

Affordable office space is not always the easiest to get to. Perhaps the transport links are not the best, or there aren’t the facilities to provide parking for everyone that works there. While suburban areas tend to be a better fit for some companies when it comes to price, there is often a problem finding enough parking or public transport at the right times for your business hours.

Working Flexibly

If your office is in a remote place, some employees may benefit from the option of flexible working as an employee perk. This could mean working from home one day a week or more which reduces the need to commute every day. You may also consider satellite offices or shared office spaces where your employees can work from every now and again if your business allows.

If your employees are required to attend the workplace every day, you could offer alternative start and finish times, so your staff are not commuting at the busiest times of the day and have an easier journey to work.  Think about what will work best for you and the people who work for you and devise a flexible working solution that is mutually beneficial.

Your Office Is Always In The Right Location

No matter where you are based there are a few ways you can ensure your staff are where they need to be at the times you need them. From transport solutions to flexible working, you can keep your employees happy and your costs down.

Offering a commuter service is a great way to save money for both your business and staff, build morale and confidence in your business, as well as ensuring your workforce arrives at the office on time. Take a look at Zeelos services and see if we can help you with commuter solutions for your business.

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