Zeelo CEO Sam Ryan Champions National Coach Week: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Transportation

Zeelo CEO Sam Ryan Stands in Solidarity with the Coach Industry: Advocating for Recognition and Support during National Coach Week
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I am thrilled to extend my unwavering support to the coach industry as we celebrate the exceptional contributions those within it make to our society. As the CEO of Zeelo, a company deeply invested in the future of transportation and mobility, I am acutely aware of the crucial role coaches play in various aspects of our lives, from tourism to school and work transportation. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse the initiative of National Coach Week, aimed at recognising and promoting the unique value coaches bring to our communities.

National Coach Week seeks to foster a greater appreciation for the coach industry's contributions by engaging politicians and key stakeholders. By showcasing the indispensable nature of coaches in public transport and the wider economy, this initiative will effectively highlight the distinct needs and priorities of the coach industry, setting it apart from other modes of transportation, such as buses. It is essential that policymakers understand and acknowledge these specific requirements to ensure a thriving coach sector that continues to serve the needs of our society.

Moreover, coaches play a pivotal role in school and work transportation, providing safe and reliable services that connect students, employees, and communities. They offer a crucial lifeline for students, ensuring their access to education by transporting them to schools and colleges, especially in areas where other forms of transport may be limited. Additionally, coaches are an indispensable asset for companies, facilitating employee commutes and reducing traffic congestion while promoting sustainable transportation options.

By supporting the coach industry, we endorse a mode of transport that embodies sustainability and efficiency. Coaches have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to individual cars, contributing to our collective efforts in combating climate change and reducing air pollution. Encouraging the utilisation of coaches as an alternative to private vehicles aligns with our shared goals of creating greener, more sustainable communities.

I urge politicians and decision-makers to join hands in recognising the invaluable role played by coaches in public transport and the wider economy. Let us come together to support the coach industry's key policy priorities, ensuring that it receives the attention, funding, and resources it needs to thrive. By investing in coaches, we invest in the future of transportation, making strides towards a more connected, sustainable, and inclusive society.

On behalf of Zeelo, I extend my deepest gratitude to the coach industry for its unwavering commitment to providing exceptional services and enriching the lives of millions. Let us celebrate the coach industry's achievements during National Coach Week and work together to secure a cleaner, greener future of transportation.

Sam Ryan, CEO + Co-Founder, Zeelo

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