Zeelo Founders Named In ACTs 40 Under 40

Sam Ryan and Barney Williams, who co-founded Zeelo, are not just shining stars in the transportation industry, but they've also garnered recognition as recipients of the prestigious ACT 40 under 40
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Co-founders Sam Ryan, CEO and Barney Williams, CCO of Zeelo, earned recognition at the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) 2023 40 Under 40 Awards on November 2 in Los Angeles, California. The association awards this distinction to standout Transportation Demand Management (TDM) professionals under the age of 40 on an annual basis. Recipients include industry leaders working to address mobility and transportation challenges at the community, state, and national levels. 

“This year’s awardees are an outstanding group of leaders that I am truly proud to recognize,” said David McMaster, President of the Association for Commuter Transportation. “Their commitment to expanding access to transportation options is commendable, and I am confident that their communities will continue to benefit greatly from their work.”

“Being recognized with the 40 under 40 award is an incredible honor for both Barney and myself. It's a reminder of our strong commitment to making the world a better place through Zeelo's efficient transportation services for underserved communities. We're firm believers in making mobility accessible to all, and this award only fuels our determination to push our mission even further”, says Zeelo CEO and Co-founder, Sam Ryan “Looking to Zeelo's future, we're excited about the fantastic progress we have made in the US market. It allows us touch more lives, connect more communities, and extend our positive impact”

Zeelo Co-founders Sam Ryan + Barney Williams

Sam and Barney co-founded Zeelo with a shared vision of improving access for under-represented communities. In 2020, amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19 and global lockdowns, Zeelo identified a significant gap in public transportation. Despite the restrictions, frontline workers continued to require reliable means of commuting to their workplaces. Recognizing this pressing need, the company supported thousands of daily riders who struggled to find viable transportation options.

Today Zeelo spans across the UK & US, transporting millions of riders to their place of work or education each year. The company recently announced it’s $14m Series A funding round to accelerate their impressive growth.

“Through the implementation, support, and management of effective TDM strategies, these leaders are improving mobility and transportation efficiency,” said David Straus, Executive Director of the Association for Commuter Transportation. “This year’s recipients join previous winners in their continued efforts to create a better journey for all travelers. Congratulations to these professionals for their exceptional work.”

Annually, at the TDM Forum, ACT bestows the 40 Under 40 Awards to a cohort of professionals below the age of 40. These accolades honor driven leaders committed to innovatively enhancing the well-being of commuters and the sustainability of communities by crafting transformative TDM programs that drive behavioral change. Given that transportation impacts us all, these remarkable individuals are paving the way for a more enjoyable journey for everyone. Read more about the awardees here: https://www.actweb.org/2023-40-under-40-winners

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