Zeelo Opens The Tesco “Red Door” To Staff Transportation

Zeelo's partnership with Tesco has not only revolutionised the way employees commute to work but has also set a benchmark for sustainable, employee-centric initiatives in the retail industry.
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In 2020, Tesco introduced the Red Door, a platform inviting innovators with new products, ideas, or emerging technologies that had the potential to disrupt and enhance the retail giant's services to its customers.

Zeelo first approached Tesco’s innovation team in 2021 with a concept aimed at reducing turnover at Tesco's Goole distribution centre; transforming staff transportation and creating a trusted and efficient way for employees to get to work. Through close collaboration with Tesco's People, Innovation, and DC teams, Zeelo has since gone on to implement a series of new colleague bus routes, making the distribution centres more accessible to employees than ever before and drastically enhancing the workplace experience.

What has been the impact of this service? According to a recent engagement survey conducted by Zeelo among Tesco riders, 93% of respondents agreed that the Zeelo service was important for accepting their job. In addition, 81% of colleagues stated that they wouldn't be able to reach work without the service, emphasising its critical role in facilitating their daily routines, while 94% believed that it contributed to an improvement in their mental well-being at work.

Over the past two years, Zeelo has witnessed a staggering 672% increase in ridership, necessitating the expansion of vehicle sizes to accommodate the growing demand. Notably, in 2023 alone, Zeelo services took 64,000 car journeys off the road, resulting in a significant reduction of 411.36t of CO2 emissions.

The impact has been felt financially as well! Zeelo's Goole service has proven fiscally beneficial to employees, with 98% saving money and 92% saving time on their commute. It is clear that these advantages translate into a high level of satisfaction, with over 98% of employees recommending Tesco's Goole distribution centre as a great place to work due to the availability of a staff transport service, and 72% expressing a willingness to stay an extra year in their role because of it.

"Zeelo's partnership with Tesco exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative commuting solutions that not only benefit employees but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future," said Sam Ryan, Zeelo CEO + Co-founder. "We are proud to play a pivotal role in enhancing the workplace experience at Tesco and look forward to continuing our journey towards greater accessibility, convenience, and environmental responsibility."

Michael Holmes, DC Manager at the Tesco Goole site expressed his own satisfaction with the success of the Zeelo service. “It’s been a great success for our colleagues, and for us. If I go back two years, we only had 600 Tesco colleagues, and what we have done with Zeelo is manage to recruit for Tesco, the agency and even our cleaning team to ensure we hit our headcount, which means we can hit volumes for the stores”.

Zeelo's partnership with Tesco has not only revolutionised the way employees commute to work but has also set a benchmark for sustainable, employee-centric initiatives in the retail industry. The success story of the Zeelo service at Tesco's Goole distribution centre is a testament to the power of innovation, collaboration, and dedication to improving the workplace experience.

Through meticulous planning and close collaboration with Tesco's teams, Zeelo has not only made commuting more accessible and efficient but has also significantly reduced CO2 emissions and contributed to the overall well-being of employees. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the engagement survey underscores the critical role that Zeelo plays in the lives of Tesco's employees, with high levels of satisfaction, cost savings, and time efficiencies.

The exponential growth in ridership, the environmental impact in terms of reduced car journeys and CO2 emissions, and the financial benefits for employees all point towards a resounding success story. Zeelo's commitment to providing innovative solutions that prioritise both people and the planet sets a standard for sustainable business practices.

As Zeelo continues its journey with Tesco and other partners, it reaffirms its dedication to enhancing accessibility, convenience, and environmental responsibility. The collaboration between Zeelo and Tesco serves as an inspiring example of how companies can work together to create positive change, improve employee experiences, and build a more sustainable future.

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