Zeelo Partnership With Zenobē To Drive Fleet Electrification

We are excited to announce an exciting and innovative new partnership with the international EV fleet and battery storage specialist Zenobē in a concerted effort to advance bus fleet electrification.
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Zeelo is proud to announce a new partnership with global EV fleet and battery storage expert, Zenobē, to drive the electrification of bus fleets. Zenobē's innovative Electric Transport-as-a-Service (ETaaS) solution encourages the use of electric vehicles and reduces emissions in the logistics and transportation sectors. Through their comprehensive package, which includes charging infrastructure, battery replacement, and award-winning software, Zenobē offers fleet operators and local governments a cost-effective solution for transitioning to electric vehicles. This partnership will enable Zeelo to expand its employee transport services and staff shuttles, offering a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation option for businesses. Join us in embracing this exciting new era of transportation and reducing our carbon footprint one ride at a time.

The high upfront costs of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, a lack of confidence in new technology, including charging procedures and vehicle range, and uncertainty about the business model are all obstacles that bus and coach operators who want to convert to electric fleets must overcome. But by allowing clients and the network of Zeelo’s operators to test this technology, we hope to make clean transportation a viable alternative.

To be a truly sustainable working relationship, this needs to deliver environmental and financial gains for Zeelo and its partners, while providing cleaner, greener transport for students and commuters.

Steven Meersman – Co-founder, Zenobē

The decarbonization of transportation will be greatly aided by the electrification of buses and coaches, which can also assist Zeelo and our clients in meeting their zero-emission targets. Zenobē’s pioneering battery storage offering enables power grid operators to provide clean, secure and affordable power, accelerating the global transition to Net Zero energy systems. We are hoping that by working together, we will see great gains made in this regard; in fact Zenobē have a global goal to support over 3,000 electric vehicles by 2025.

In addition to switching over 8 million Zeelo trips annually to electric buses during the next three to five years, Zeelo has its own ambitious goal of helping over 200 family-run bus and coach operators acquire electric fleets. Along with the education and health sectors, transportation is a crucial public asset, and there is massive potential to create a unified industry standard. In the midst of the ongoing global fuel crisis, our collaboration with Zenobē will enable us to initiate a national shift away from diesel dependence.

Through our partnership with Zenobē, we can help kick-start a national transition out of a reliance on diesel amid the fuel crisis. That doesn’t just mean cutting people a deal, but actually ensuring that electric buses feel comfortable and safe to drive and easy to charge.

Sam Ryan – CEO, Zeelo

All Zeelo partners (both employers and schools) will be given the option to upgrade to a fully electric service, dramatically reducing the CO2 impact on their commuters and improving air quality around their campus. Zeelo is an asset-light company; meaning that we don’t own buses or coaches and rely on our operator partners, mostly coach operators, to switch to electric (net zero) fleets. Still not convinced?

We have concentrated on providing contractual guarantees and an EV trial package for our operator partners in order to make the transition to electric fleets as simple and low-risk as possible. Our partnership with Zenobe combines the knowledge and assistance of electric bus and coach manufacturers, charging infrastructure suppliers, and financial institutions with the technology and customer experience you are used to from Zeelo.

Now given the economic climate we find ourselves in, it may well seem like the wrong time to consider making such significant investments in your future, but now is actually the ideal moment to do so! So please do get in touch if you are a coach operator interested in learning more about electrifying your fleet or an employer or school looking to implement electric commuter or home-to-school transport services.

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