Zeelo x Fetii: A Groundbreaking Partnership to Redefine Business Transportation Solutions

Zeelo and Fetii have today announced they have joined forces in the Texas market to revolutionize transportation solutions tailored for businesses.
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Zeelo and Fetii have today announced they have joined forces in the Texas market to revolutionize transportation solutions tailored for businesses. This strategic alliance merges the innovative prowess of two industry leaders, setting the stage for a more adaptable, accessible, and economical mode of transportation for organizations of all sizes.

The partnership brings together Fetii’s flexible 15-seater passenger vans and on demand platform with Zeelo’s robust, safe turnkey platform built for the daily corporate commute. Customers will benefit from the experience of a fully managed Zeelo solution including rider and driver apps, 24/7 customer support and Fetii’s flexible on demand platform, with the aim to attract businesses who are looking for cost effective solutions in attracting workforces back to the office.


Fetii, renowned for its on-demand group ride-share services, has redefined the landscape of group travel by utilizing 15-passenger vans to seamlessly transport groups from Point A to Point B. With a remarkable track record encompassing over 100,000 trips and serving more than 1 million passengers, Fetii has effectively removed over 150,000 vehicles from congested roads, amplifying efficiency and aligning with its commitment to emission reduction and traffic alleviation."

Zeelo stands as a trailblazer in daily corporate commuting solutions, specializing in optimizing commuter programs for businesses. Zeelo transports over 5 million people annually and works with major corporations across North America and Europe including UPS, Amazon and Fidelity. Zeelo provides software and managed services to its clients and partners to increase shuttle occupancy levels, reduce transportation costs, CO2 emissions and administrative time. Its secure and innovative transportation management software system comprises a SaaS platform, a proprietary routing algorithm, mobile apps for riders and drivers, and 24/7 customer support ensuring poorly connected commuters have a regular, subsidized and sustainable shuttle service, wherever they are based.

Matthew Iommi, Fetii CEO said “This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in our mission to redefine group travel and transportation. Collaborating with Zeelo allows us to merge innovation and expertise, offering businesses a seamless and efficient transportation solution that adapts to their evolving needs. Together, we're poised to reshape the landscape of business transportation, starting with our debut in Texas and expanding our impact across regions.”

Sam Ryan, Zeelo CEO said "We’re delighted to be partnering with Fetii, starting with the partnership's debut in Texas. As the collaboration gains momentum, plans are underway to scale operations alongside Fetii and extend this cutting-edge transportation solution to a wider audience.”

Zeelo's collaboration with Fetii signifies a strategic move to leverage Fetii's innovative model and expansive network to benefit businesses. By integrating Fetii's on-demand group ride-share capabilities, Zeelo aims to provide further value for new and existing customers with an efficient and cost-effective transportation solution.

The synergy between Fetii's proven track record and Zeelo's expertise creates a powerful alliance poised to transform the business transportation landscape.

About Fetii

Fetii is a revolutionary group rideshare app dedicated to transforming the way people travel and experience the world together. Founded on the principle of fostering social connections, Fetii offers a seamless platform that allows groups to book, share, and enjoy rides together, creating memorable and convenient journeys. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to safety and reliability, Fetii brings communities closer by simplifying group transportation, whether it's for events, outings, or everyday commuting. Headquartered in Austin, Texas with live operations across the US, Fetii was founded in 2020 by Matthew Iommi and Justin Rath. Join the Fetii movement today and embark on a new era of collective transportation that prioritizes camaraderie, convenience, and connection. For more information, please visit fetii.com

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