Why choose Zeelo over a vanpool service?

Vanpool services face challenges like driver availability, lack of insights, and inefficient routes.
Zeelo revolutionizes commuting with technology-driven solutions, professional drivers, flexible vehicle options, and a fully managed service that's tailored to your worksite.

Why are companies using Zeelo
instead of vanpooling services?

Unreliable vehicles and drivers
Traditional vanpool services struggle with limited driver availability causing absenteeism
Inefficient routes
Vanpool routes often lack optimization, leading to longer travel times and inefficient commutes
Administrative headaches
Managing vanpool and carpool services involves handling numerous logistical and financial tasks
Lack of insights and technological support  
Vanpools often lack technology offering little to no insights on ridership and performance
"Fifteen driver applications, but only three approved. This is not a viable solution. We have empty vans sitting in the parking lot, and one person has to go out of their way to pick up their coworkers. If one person is sick, there's likely no backup driver."
Food manufacturer in Ellijay, GA

Why companies prefer Zeelo to traditional vanpool commuting services

Zeelo already helps over 200 organizations make their commute more efficient
How do our services compare?
Traditional Vanpool Services
Flexible, high-capacity vehicles with professional drivers
Shared Transportation
Regular route optimizations
All inclusive pricing
Ridership insights & reports
Booking platform & app with live tracking
Environmental impact


Zeelo removes 12 hours of weekly transportation admin away from your teams

Our team of transportation experts will oversee your vanpool program 24/7, offering dedicated customer support, live monitoring of services, and ongoing performance reviews and optimizations.
Dedicated customer success manager
Live monitoring on services
24/7 customer support
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


Guaranteed drivers day in and day out & back-up transportation plan

Our network guarantees flexibility, scalability, and strict adherence to high standards for quality, safety, and reliability. Unlike volunteer-based vanpool drivers, Zeelo provides professional drivers backed by support and emergency backup transport solutions for continuous service.


Measure the success and ROI of your employee transportation program

Gain insight into the health of your vanpool program with weekly data reports and regular sessions with your transportation expert. Analyze the data and optimize your program for maximum efficiency.
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


Shuttle technology to give your employees visibility and control

Zeelo provides your employees with a rider app and website to view timetables, book rides, track their driver, and provide feedback on their experience
Live tracking and alerts
Flexible ticketing options
Share cost with employees


See how Zeelo can help your company get more efficient

30 min discovery session
Program design proposal & pricing
Launch process
Zeelo operates shuttles for over 200+ organizations

Frequently asked questions

Can Zeelo accommodate our current route and schedule preferences?
Yes, Zeelo offers flexible scheduling and route customization to fit your organization's specific needs. We work closely with you to ensure seamless transition and minimal disruption.
How does Zeelo provide insights and reporting for our transportation program?
Zeelo provides insights into ridership trends, vehicle utilization, and operational efficiency. Your dedicated customer success manager uses these insights to suggest optimizations and review usage, ensuring transparency and continuous improvement in managing your vanpool program.
How does Zeelo handle driver availability compared to vanpool drivers?
Zeelo ensures consistent driver availability through our Operator Partners who have trainer, professional drivers. This eliminates the uncertainty often associated with volunteer-based vanpool drivers, ensuring reliable service for commuters.
Does Zeelo offer cost-saving advantages compared to vanpool services?
Yes, Zeelo provides several cost-saving advantages compared to traditional vanpool services. By offering high-capacity vehicles and leveraging technology for route optimization, Zeelo reduces operational costs while maintaining service efficiency.
Where do you currently operate? 
Zeelo currently operates employee transportation shuttles nationwide in the United States and United Kingdom.