Employee Shuttles Services in Chicago

We are the leading provider of staff transportation throughout Chicago, our flexible service is designed to put your business first and help to reduce the stress of the daily commute for your staff. Whether it’s being delayed on the Metra, feeling unsafe on the CTA lines or getting gridlocked around State and Madison, commuting in Chicago is a challenge! By utilizing a Zeelo service, you can ensure your employees receive a high class shuttle that arrives at your site on time.
Over 2.5 million rides for over 120 clients each year
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What Makes Zeelo Different From Other Chicago Based Shuttle Operators?

We are passionate about making our service bespoke for every client and ensuring it works perfectly for your business. We do this by building routes around your employees and site locations, ensuring that ridership is maximized and cost is as low as possible. We always provide live updates, insights into route performance and are continuously optimizing the service to ensure your business needs are met.
Passengers can book and pay for services on our leading booking platform
Flexible ticketing
Capability for all ticket structures including fixed term, flexible bundles, return and single tickets
Live tracking & alerts
Passengers can track their vehicle and receive service updates
Data insights
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will analyse the service performance and suggest improvements
24/7 support
Our team monitors all vehicles on the road and reaches out to Operators and Drivers to tackle any issues with your staff transport
Driver app
Vetted operators and drivers will use our driver app to get instructionsand scan the riders when they board


How Our Staff Transportation Services Are Helping The Planet One Ride At a Time

As a company, we are driven by providing a sustainable shuttle service, with all our programs being carbon neutral and the goal of hitting net zero emissions by 2030. Each Zeelo service we run removes, on average, 1000 cars off the road each year, with several utilizing electric vehicles as well. With Chicago being a world leading city in terms of sustainability, we feel it is essential to do our best to reduce pollution being caused by transit programs. Come test our electric shuttles for your business!
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Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


What Results Can I Expect From a Zeelo Program?

Whether you are launching a shuttle program to attract new talent, retain your best employees, relocating your site or reducing car parking pressure, one thing will always remain the same - your employees will receive the best in class service! Our clients on average see staff turnover drop by 70% after implementing a service, with 80% of our riders stating that Zeelo is crucial in getting them to work. When you also take into account the ability to unlock new hiring towns, it’s a no brainer! So what are you waiting for? Get a quote today!
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Frequently asked questions

How Long Do I Have To Commit For?
The length of programs is determined on your organization's needs. The service length can vary, with programs operating from anywhere between 3 months to over 12 months. Speak with our transportation experts to determine the best option for your company.
How does Zeelo create routes and schedules?
Zeelo uses it's in-house routing technology combined with your organization's information to create optimized routes and schedules. When working with your business, we will collect anonymized address data which will then be entered into our software. The algorithm generates dynamic routes which are custom to your organization, ensuring maximum rider uptake on your routes.
Where do you currently operate?
Zeelo currently operates across the greater Chicago region, throughout Illinois and nationwide in the United States. Zeelo also operates globally in the UK and South Africa.