Smart transportation services to grow your recruitment pool

Corporate transport has never been so easy. We are passionate about opening doors for both businesses and individuals throughout Hartford and North America. Our corporate shuttles allow businesses to expand their catchment areas and grow their recruitment capabilities dramatically.
Passengers can book and pay for services on our leading booking platform
Flexible ticketing
Capability for all ticket structures including fixed term, flexible bundles, return and single tickets
Live tracking & alerts
Passengers can track their vehicle and receive service updates
Data insights
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will analyse the service performance and suggest improvements
24/7 support
Our team monitors all vehicles on the road and reaches out to Operators and Drivers to tackle any issues with your staff transport
Driver app
Vetted operators and drivers will use our driver app to get instructionsand scan the riders when they board


Leading the carbon neutral revolution

We are passionate about our planet and providing an environmentally friendly service to our clients. We operate with a carbon neutral service and have aspirations to be netzero by 2030. We will regularly report on the emissions our journeys produce and ensure they are offset by a number of projects. With a large focus on businesses going green, use us as your transport provider!
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Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


Leading the way towards a net zero future

We help companies achieve their goals through smart, sustainable transportation programs. Our robust 5 step process ensures a risk free transition to the best staff transport experience for your employees.
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Frequently asked questions

What vehicle sizes are available for my organization?
Zeelo has a nationwide operator network that allows us to access vehicles from transit vans to motorcoaches. Vehicle size will be determined based on your needs. Our flexible contracts with operators enable us to be proactive in making changes to service and vehicles as required.
How long do I have to commit for?
The length of programs is determined on your Organization's needs. Length varies, but programs can be operating from 3 months to over 12 months. Speak with our transportation experts to determine the best option for your program.
How do you determine pricing?
Zeelo considers your organization;s needs when determining pricing. This includes route, vehicle size, schedules and more. PRicing includes everything in Zeelo's unique 5 step process of building your transportation program. after you introduction to Zeelo and a free no-obligation consultation, we'll provide you with a pricing proposal.