Employee Transportation Services in San Francisco

San Francisco is the 3rd worst city in the U.S. for traffic. Give your employees a stress-free, reliable commute with Zeelo. We provide employee transportation services for the Bay Area, including Fremont and Oakland helping businesses recruit and retain talent. With Zeelo, your employees can limit their time on the BART and avoid wasting hours in traffic on the MacArthur Maze, I-880 and 101. With our corporate shuttles, your employees will get back time and money on their commute!
Over 2.5 million rides for over 120 clients each year
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What Separates Zeelo from other Shuttle Providers in San Francisco?

Our staff shuttle services are tailored to your employees and supported by our technology solutions. Zeelo designs routes around where your employees are commuting from - we identify areas to optimize ridership to service the highest number of employees. We provide real-time updates, offer valuable insights into route performance, and continuously make optimizations to align with your business needs.
Passengers can book and pay for services on our leading booking platform
Flexible ticketing
Capability for all ticket structures including fixed term, flexible bundles, return and single tickets
Live tracking & alerts
Passengers can track their vehicle and receive service updates
Data insights
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will analyse the service performance and suggest improvements
24/7 support
Our team monitors all vehicles on the road and reaches out to Operators and Drivers to tackle any issues with your staff transport
Driver app
Vetted operators and drivers will use our driver app to get instructionsand scan the riders when they board


A Competitive Benefit for Your Employees

Offering competitive benefits is essential to attract and retain top talent in San Francisco. Provide your employees with a competitive edge by offering a Zeelo staff shuttle service. 85% of Zeelo riders said having access to the Zeelo service has improved their mental wellbeing at work.
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Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


Let Your Employee Shuttle Support Your Sustainability Planning

Zeelo is helping companies offset their carbon footprint and work towards net-zero. We offset each trip through a series of projects to offset emissions in an effort to achieve our goal of Net Zero by 2030. We’ll provide clear reporting to align with your ESG strategy and can even facilitate the switch to Electric vehicles.
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Frequently asked questions

How does Zeelo create routes and schedules?
Our technology ensures a safe and secure trip, every trip is monitored by our team of experts. Your employees will receive communication the day of their trip to confirm their vehicle make and registration, ensuring they are boarding the correct vehicle, Zeelo provides 24/7 support for riders. Additionally, all Drivers and Operators are vetted, background checked and regularly go through 6 month audits.
Do you own the vehicles used for the corporate shuttle service?
We work with local operators - Zeelo uses our network of bus and coach operators in San Francisco to deliver the best shuttle service. We ensure operators are compliant and drivers undergo background checks. All operators are trained to use the Zeelo technology and to deliver our high standard of service.
What transportation benefits are available for employees with diverse commuting needs in San Fran?
Zeelo recognizes the diverse commuting needs of your employees, residing in different San Francisco neighborhoods. Utilizing our route-building approach, we tailor routes to position stop locations in employee-dense areas. Whether it's a stop within a 10-minute walk from employee clusters or at a convenient park & ride, Zeelo offers multiple options based on individual locations, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for all employees.