All-in business transportation services in Washington, DC

We're one of the major transformation services for work in Washington, specifically the District of Colombia region. Our team of experts provide business transportation services for the ease of your employees as we offer maximum optimization and an end-to-end commute bus service. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and is eager to help you out in your need of assistance.
Passengers can book and pay for services on our leading booking platform
Flexible ticketing
Capability for all ticket structures including fixed term, flexible bundles, return and single tickets
Live tracking & alerts
Passengers can track their vehicle and receive service updates
Data insights
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will analyse the service performance and suggest improvements
24/7 support
Our team monitors all vehicles on the road and reaches out to Operators and Drivers to tackle any issues with your staff transport
Driver app
Vetted operators and drivers will use our driver app to get instructionsand scan the riders when they board


Detailed service management for transportation shuttle in Washington, DC

We possess a 5-step process to make sure that we provide the best service to each of our clients. With each step, you will save both your time and money, and with our "design, partner, launch, operate, and optimize" plan, your shuttle transportation services in Washington, DC will be more helpful.
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Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle
Passenger using her phone inside an Electric vehicle


Zeelo's Commute Transportation Program At Your Service

Zeelo provides the smartest, and the most sustainable end-to-end commuting bus services to your employees.
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Frequently asked questions

How does Zeelo create routes and schedules?
Zeelo professionally uses the information of your organization combined with its routing technology to create an optimized route and schedule. Additionally, we’ll be gathering the address data of each employee while we’re collaborating with your team. Furthermore, the data we collect will be entered into our personal software, which will then generate strategic routes to your company. This way, we make sure that the rider receives maximum uptakes on your routes.
How do you determine pricing?
Zeelo’s primary goal while determining pricing is to consider the requirements of your organization such as the likes of route, vehicle size, schedules. Our 5-step process includes each of the pricing details and once you are fully introduced to Zeelo, we offer a pricing proposal after a free non-obligation consultation.
Where do you currently operate?
We at Zeelo operate from Washington, DC while also managing other states of the USA by offering our services to several riders per month.