Software to enhance & safeguard your transport service

Take your school transport service to the next level with our award winning technology

Take parent & student experience to the next level with payment, ticketing, notifications & tracking

Enabling greater transparency and satisfaction for parents by giving them access to your private service app, choose to enable options including payments, bookings, e-ticketing, customer support and boarding alerts
Only available on Connect + plan

Parent-led bookings

Parents can book their childrens' rides in our user friendly parent app, pay (optional), and check their upcoming rides


Students board using QR Code in-app or by scanning RFID/NFC cards - boarding & alighting is trackable in the portal for designated school staff

Vehicle tracking for parents

Parents can track the vehicle for peace of mind (Connect+ plan)

Notifications & alerts

Parents receive notifications as their child boards & disembarks or if there are any changes to the service, e.g. a delay (Connect+ plan)

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees

Frequently asked questions

Which plan is right for me?
Our Connect and Connect Plus plans are designed to give your existing transport team all the tools we use internally at Zeelo to improve and enhance your existing transport provision.

Our fully managed services are perfect for schools who do not have the resource to manage their service in-house, or are looking to expand on their existing provision. Still unsure? Speak to our friendly team for a free demo of the options.
How long does it take to get started?
Once you have filled in the sign-up form and our team have set up your organisation log-ins you can be up and running quickly! We recommend getting started with a single route to check everything is set up correctly, then you can roll out the software on your remaining routes and choose to enable parent or student tracking on the app (available in Connect Plus).
How easy is it to get started with the software?
Getting started with our software is simple! All you need is a smartphone and a laptop to get started. Follow the simple steps to set up your route and get tracking! We provide comprehensive video guides and training materials to ensure you have all the support you need for more advanced features and provide training sessions for Connect Plus users. Just fill in the form above to start your journey! Use the buttons in the service panels above to get going with your chosen plan, or schedule a demo with our team to help you choose. You can get going on our software-only plans immediately once approved and Connect is available for free!
Where do you currently operate?
Zeelo currently operates nationwide in the UK, but also operates in the United States. Within the UK we operate contracts on behalf of schools from the south coast of England up to Scotland, working with the likes of City of London Freemen's, Dwight School, NLCS, Stowe, Hartpury College, Leeds University, and many other forward thinking organisations.
How can parents track the service?
The parent app is available from the Connect Plus plan and up. This means by choosing the Connect plan you or designated school staff can track routes, and be ready to respond to parent phone calls. At Connect plus you can share this tracking with parents via the app, for complete transparency. Our fully managed services give you access to our Live Operations team, ready to answer parent queries both morning and evening, online or by phone.
What support is available for our drivers?
We are constantly reviewing and improving the driver app to ensure it is user-friendly and, most importantly, safe - it does most of the work itself, ensuring drivers should never have to interact with it when in motion. However, we understand that getting to grips with a new process can raise questions so our support team are available to answer questions, provide you with video guides or arrange training sessions when required.
What are the device requirements?
You'll need a smartphone (Android or iOS) to run the driver app, and a laptop or PC to run the portal - accessible via your browser. You'll need a smartphone with NFC reading capabilities (most modern phones have this built-in now) if you are using NFC card swiping, or a phone with a camera for QR code scanning.