Driving Change: Zeelo's Campus Shuttle Journey with the University of Kent & Crosskeys

Zeelo partners with University of Kent to transform the Campus Shuttle service. Via Euro VI vehicles and offsetting, they've achieved 100% carbon neutrality, removing 280t CO2e from over 33,836 rides
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As statistics go, the numbers here speak volumes. Over 33,836 individual rides have been facilitated across 2,675 journeys, all while offsetting CO2 emissions. Despite encountering hurdles like traffic disruptions resulting from accidents on the M2, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

The Zeelo team, in partnership with Crosskeys and the University of Kent, has diligently fine-tuned operations to ensure safety and efficiency. By analysing timetable data, we've already optimised stop timings at Piers Quay and Historic Dockyard, slashing unnecessary waiting times.

Our app is empowering student riders to track your journey in real-time, complemented by our user-friendly and tailored tracking guide. With the introduction of tracking and improvement in communications on the Campus Shuttle X (formerly Twitter) page, we have seen a dramatic 88% reduction in queries between January and February. We listen and we learn. 

Sustainability lies at the heart of our mission here at Zeelo. Through the adoption of Euro VI vehicles and strategic partnerships, the University of Kent shuttle service is operating with 100% carbon neutrality, aligning with the University's ambitious carbon reduction goals. A Euro VI bus achieves a significant 67% decrease in harmful NOx emissions. This reduction is made possible through the implementation of advanced technologies such as the SCRT system (Selective Catalyst Regeneration Trap) and a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), both specifically engineered to lower NOx levels. Partnering with CNaught (science-based and trust-centred seller of carbon credits) across seven international projects, we've already seen 130t CO2e offset since January 15th. 

Additionally, by opting for our shuttle service over single-occupancy vehicles, University of Kent students have collectively removed 280t CO2e from the atmosphere and replaced an estimated 30,760 car journeys on the road. You would need to plant 942 trees to get the same result!

Want to learn more about some of the impact we are having on similar communities around the world? Have a read of our 2023 ESG + Impact Report!

The journey towards efficient, trusted transport is ongoing. We acknowledge the need for continuous improvement, particularly in addressing issues as they arise and mitigating the impact of external factors like M2 traffic disruptions.These challenges have been further amplified by ongoing enhancements along the M2, and related lane closures. Such disruptions are responsible for 75% delays and cancellations. While neither Zeelo nor Crosskeys can dictate traffic conditions, we've implemented a robust contingency plan to minimise disruptions and keep our service on track. Just like in all our endeavours, we're constantly exploring every avenue to ensure your journey proceeds seamlessly. Despite these challenges, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing a seamless transport experience for the University of Kent.

Looking ahead, the future brims with promise. In collaboration with the University's IS requirements, we're introducing a booking system, for rollout in the first week of the Summer Term, that will allow students to guarantee their seat on the vehicle. Furthermore, your operator Crosskeys Coaches are new vehicles dedicated solely to the campus shuttle service, complete with modern amenities like USB ports and WiFi connectivity.

While we've achieved much, our journey together has only really just begun. With sustainability, innovation, and user experience at the forefront, Zeelo remains dedicated to redefining campus transport and shaping a greener, more connected future for all. 

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