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As businesses navigate the return to in-person work, finding ways to optimize cost savings is crucial. Staff transportation is an area ripe for potential savings, and Zeelo is here to help.
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The pandemic forced companies to reimagine the traditional workplace, with remote work becoming the norm for many. While the pandemic no longer represents the significant threat it once did, businesses continue to navigate the process of returning to in-person work. This transition brings with it a unique opportunity for organisations to reevaluate their practices and foster more meaningful connections among their employees. The importance of personal interactions and collaboration in the workplace has been reaffirmed, highlighting the need for optimised commuting routes that enable seamless connections, promote increased productivity and drive recruitment and retention goals.

Unlocking Cost Savings In Staff Transportation During The Office Return

One area ripe for potential savings is staff transportation. Unlocking cost savings in this aspect requires a thoughtful approach and strategic planning. Zeelo's tailored transport management helps you save 43% against traditional operators. Organisations can uncover significant cost reductions by reassessing transportation needs, exploring alternative options, and leveraging technology. This blog explores the practical strategies and innovative solutions that Zeelo uses to help businesses streamline staff transportation, ultimately leading to enhanced efficiency and substantial savings in a post-pandemic workplace.

Centralised Procurement

Managing transportation in-house can be a daunting task that consumes valuable time and resources. At Zeelo, we strive to alleviate this burden and enable businesses to focus on more critical matters. By partnering with us, clients can hand over the responsibility of managing transportation logistics, operations, and administration to our experienced team. Our expertise in staff transportation allows us to handle all aspects efficiently and effectively, from route planning and driver management to vehicle maintenance and scheduling. This seamless outsourcing of transportation management not only eliminates the headaches associated with in-house operations but also frees up valuable time and resources for our clients. They can redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives, core business functions, and employee satisfaction, ultimately driving growth and success. With Zeelo taking care of transportation, businesses can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that professionals handle this essential aspect, leaving them with the freedom to prioritise what truly matters.

Centralised procurement is a crucial factor for organisations seeking to invest in staff transportation, and Zeelo provides an ideal solution. By consolidating the procurement process, businesses can streamline operations, achieve cost savings, and improve overall efficiency. Zeelo's centralised procurement model ensures that clients have access to a vast network of transport providers, allowing us to negotiate favourable rates and terms. This approach eliminates the need for clients to individually source and manage multiple transportation operators (particularly for businesses operating on multiple sites), saving valuable time and resources. Moreover, Zeelo's expertise in staff transportation allows us to tailor solutions that align with specific client requirements, ensuring a seamless and reliable service for your employees. Centralised procurement through Zeelo not only simplifies the entire process but also offers clients peace of mind, knowing that they have a trusted partner handling their staff transportation needs efficiently and effectively. 

Route Optimisation

At Zeelo, we understand that designing staff transportation programs with the rider in mind is paramount. That's why we prioritise route optimization to deliver an exceptional experience for clients looking to supercharge their existing staff transportation solutions. With our in-house proprietary routing software, RINA, we take data-driven approaches to generate efficient routes. RINA continuously fine-tunes program performance by leveraging census, address, and ongoing travel intent data from riders. This allows us to provide access to a broad pool of riders while keeping costs under control. Through our commitment to route optimization, we ensure that clients receive a streamlined and cost-effective transportation solution that not only meets their needs but also delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience for their employees.

Driving Occupancy

Maximising the occupancy of vehicles is crucial for clients; you want to know that you are getting your money's worth, and Zeelo understands the significance of this. While optimising for cost is essential, it becomes futile if the rider population constitutes only a fraction of your total employee base. It is vital to ensure that any staff transportation solution caters to a significant percentage of employees to make it worthwhile in the long run. With Zeelo we are already seeing increased ridership of 50% within 12 months without the need for clients to increase their transportation budget.

To achieve this goal, we employ targeted marketing campaigns that aim to drive engagement and fill the buses efficiently. Our approach includes conducting surveys to gauge employee commuting patterns, preferences, and schedules. This invaluable data allows us to optimise routes, pick-up points, and timings, ensuring that vehicles operate at maximum capacity. Additionally, we design compelling promotional materials that highlight the benefits of our transportation services (both from a cost and sustainability perspective) and encourage employees to participate actively. By fostering engagement and creating a sense of community, we create an environment where employees are motivated to utilise the staff transportation solution, resulting in increased occupancy rates, reduced costs per passenger, and an overall more sustainable and efficient transportation system.

Round The Clock Support

At Zeelo, we are committed to delivering exceptional support to our clients and riders around the clock. We understand the importance of having reliable service management, which is why we provide a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to serve as a single point of contact for our clients. The CSM works closely with clients, ensuring their needs are understood, addressing any concerns, and providing ongoing support and reporting throughout the entire partnership to give the client visibility on how their service is performing. Additionally, our 24/7 customer support team is always available to assist both clients and riders with any inquiries or issues that may arise. Whether it's resolving booking questions, addressing operational matters, or providing real-time assistance, our round-the-clock support ensures a seamless and efficient experience for all stakeholders involved. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised and timely support, ensuring that our clients and riders can rely on us whenever they need assistance, day or night.

So don't let the headache of managing transportation in-household you back. Start saving as much as 12 hours a week you’d otherwise spend on managing transportation in-house by letting Zeelo take away that inconvenience. Take the leap with Zeelo today and unlock cost savings, enhance efficiency, and improve employee satisfaction. Contact us today and let us handle your staff transportation needs while you concentrate on what truly matters: growing your business and achieving your goals.

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