Our Commitment To Carbon Neutrality: Global Offsetting Projects Driving Sustainability At Zeelo

World Environment Day; a global platform for inspiring positive and actionable change around the world. Take a look at how we are championing sustainability here at Zeelo.
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To that end, Zeelo’s services are completely carbon-neutral. That includes all of our corporate shuttle services and home to school services. We measure and offset GHG emissions using Climate Partner, ensuring that our clients and riders receive a completely carbon-neutral and emission-free transportation service. Yet we know that even that isn’t the full extent of what we as a company can do; Zeelo is also passionately committed to having a fully Net Zero-emission fleet in the United Kingdom and other developed markets by 2030 and in emerging markets by 2035. This may seem like a tall order, but as new petrol and diesel vehicles are phased out of production by 2030, electric cars and buses will become increasingly common.

Want To Know More About How We Do It?

Here at Zeelo, we strive to be a major player in a global movement actioning real and tangible change around the world! Through our affiliation with ClimatePartner (up to April 2023), we supported a number of sustainability initiatives/ offset projects around the world and contributing to global carbon emission reduction. From April 2023 onwards, we have moved over to C/Naught to support our offsetting needs.

Forestry & Conservation

Forests remove around three billion tons of carbon every year and account for more than 30% of the Earth’s land surface yet The World Bank estimates that about 3.9 million square miles (10 million square km) of forest have been lost since the beginning of the 20th century.

The possibility of reforestation to counteract climate change first sparked real awareness in the early twenty-first century. The process of establishing and maintaining wooded areas for the benefit and sustainability of future generations would become known as forest conservation.

Afforestation, in particular, is the establishment of forests in areas previously devoid of tree cover to aid the increase of carbon capture. Zeelo is currently engaged in supporting afforestation projects in Bukaleba, Uganda which, to date, has offset over 3.5 million kg of Co2 on our behalf.  We are particularly pleased to see the social impact such a project is having on the local community; contributing to Uganda’s long-term environmental management and poverty reduction through the provision of quality timber from well-managed planted forests.

The rate at which trees grow organically in forests in today’s climate is substantially slower than the rate at which trees are chopped down for industry. Deforestation has resulted from the growing demand for lumber, putting pressure on forests around the world.

By offering an alternate source of lumber, afforestation aids in the reduction of pressure on natural forests across the planet; a project we are more than happy to get behind!

Renewable Energy

Since the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels have dominated the energy mix of most countries on the planet. This has significant ramifications for both the global climate and human health in general. The combustion of fossil fuels for energy accounts for three-quarters of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. In order to reduce Co2 emissions and local air pollution, the world must rapidly transition to low-carbon energy sources such as nuclear and renewables.

Whilst now providing around 2% of world energy, analysts are hoping for a faster push towards the use of wind energy in an effort to help meet the Paris Agreement goals to limit climate change.

Wind energy is a prominent form of renewable energy and can be typically created by way of turbines spinning and converting the kinetic energy of wind to generate electricity. This method has significantly less impact on the environment and makes it a project we are proud to sustain. Zeelo supports wind farm projects in both Northeast Brazil and Bulgaria which combined, have offset over 4.7 million kg of Co2 to date.

As a result of Zeelo’s ongoing relationship with these wind farms, many initiatives pertaining to healthcare, education, culture, ecology, and sports are annually sponsored. All of them are done in close collaboration with local governments to ensure that the community’s needs and requirements are met.

Sustainability Advocacy

Working in concert with the projects that we support is an internal focus and drive towards the promotion of sustainable transportation. Zeelo is committed to fostering education and awareness of sustainability in the transportation sector; particularly working with schools, local government and businesses in an effort to reduce the number of people travelling in single-occupancy vehicles and making use of greener transport solutions.

We are able to fanatically encourage such carbon-neutral and emission-free transportation solutions to our clients and riders due to our involvement in the various carbon offsetting projects mentioned above. Therefore, any organisation using our services will subsequently benefit from a guaranteed carbon neutral service; often an attractive proposition for schools and businesses seeking to become greener in the scope of their own carbon footprint.

We are making it a priority to learn everything there is to know about sustainability in transport. Why are we doing this? Becoming thought leaders will allow us to share valuable insight into an industry that few have more than a basic understanding of. The world is now painfully aware of how important it is to combat climate change on a global scale and we would like to do our part, not only in offsetting carbon emissions but in educating the wider population about ways in which they too can make a difference.

Organisations, in particular, have a huge opportunity to minimise carbon dioxide emissions. Employers and educational institutions can play a vital role in the reduction of Scope 3 emissions by decarbonizing the daily commute and school run. By utilising sustainable commuting and school transportation models like Zeelo, it is possible to exceed sustainability goals in addition to reducing general air pollution and car traffic for businesses and schools.

We like to boast that every time Zeelo provides a transportation alternative to 100 riders, 403 kg of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is reduced each day, amounting to 91 tonnes per year – the equivalent of planting 600 trees! But there is still so much more we can do!

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