Reach Your CSR Goals With Fewer Cars On The Road

One of the biggest factors affecting our environment today is the emissions from vehicles on the roads. In Great Britain alone, between 1990 and 2018 road traffic increased by 29%
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In today's world, businesses are increasingly expected to be socially responsible and sustainable, with a focus on reducing their carbon footprint. One significant way to achieve this is by providing efficient and eco-friendly employee transport services and corporate shuttles. In this article, we'll explore how reducing the number of cars on the road can help businesses meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals while providing employees with safe, reliable, and convenient transportation. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution to promoting a healthier work-life balance and reducing traffic congestion, we'll show you how employee transport services and corporate shuttles can make a difference to your business and the environment. Join us as we explore the benefits of sustainable transport solutions and how Zeelo can help your business reach its CSR goals.

Fewer cars on the road

Lower pollution from cars and the use of new technology in electric cars is great, but it still doesn’t solve the problem. Given emissions are still increasing there needs to be another solution.

So, what is the answer? The only way the UK will hit emissions goals is with fewer cars on the road. Not only will this have a direct impact on emissions, but it will also reduce traffic and congestion problems, the need for road maintenance, and may even have an effect on the number of accidents we see on the roads today.

Your CSR strategy

As a business, you will probably be considering your corporate social responsibility strategy and devising ways you can improve your business practices. This includes the social, economic and environmental impact your business may have. With traffic and vehicle emissions being a top concern for the environment in the UK, one aspect that should be a priority in your CSR strategy is transport.

When creating your strategy, you may be asked to create reports on your progress, being open and transparent about where you are and where you want to be. It is important to set achievable goals and have a realistic plan in place. For example, a transport goal to reduce the number of vehicles on the road would need to provide a solution such as a reduction of staff driving their individual vehicles to work.

How can you make a difference as a business?

Firstly, complete a review of your transport needs within your business. What is needed within the working day, how do your employees travel to and from work, how many people make these journeys each day and what the big picture looks like? Look at staff parking options and costs, is parking onsite or elsewhere, and what financial impact does this have on employees and your company?

Next, create alternative options to suit your needs that also result in fewer cars are being used overall within your business. Here are some examples:

Offer public transport incentives

As long as public transport links are available and easily accessible in your location, encourage employees to commute and travel on buses and trains. In order to achieve this, offer corporate discounts on rail or bus cards or introduce an employee rewards scheme. This will save your staff money, reduce the number of cars on the road and put money back into the local infrastructure by using these services.

Introduce a cycle-to-work scheme

A cycle-to-work scheme not only encourages your employees to leave their cars at home, but it also promotes a healthier lifestyle. CSR covers many different aspects and this solution helps both the environment and the individual too. These schemes often offer discounts on bicycles, cycling gear and offer monthly payment options too. So, there shouldn’t be a financial impact on your staff if they decide to start cycling to work.

Homeworking options

What better way to reduce the number of vehicles on the road than allowing your staff to work from home? With working from home option, staff are rewarded with more time as they don’t need to commute, they save money on fuel and vehicle expenses, and are often more productive without the distractions of the office. In fact, two-thirds of employees are said to be more productive when they work remotely. It is also a great option for employers too. With fewer people in the office using all the facilities each day, overhead costs are significantly reduced. Also, with fewer people driving to work each day, home-working options will also help businesses hit their CSR targets.

Providing commuter services

Often in business, you need your employees at work and at a certain time. For some, the only way to achieve this is by driving. This could be poor public transport links, a long commute or other responsibilities outside of work. However, as a business, you can provide a solution that will cover these problems and still improve your transport aspect of CSR. By putting on commuter coaches for your employees, they can be picked up at a designated point and dropped off directly at work, leaving the car at home. Zeelo offers bespoke corporate services that can be tailored to your specific needs. So, if you are thinking about offering commuter services to improve your CSR, speak to us to find out more.

Will you step up your Corporate Social Responsibility and reduce the number of cars on the road?

The change you can make and the services you can implement will depend on the size and type of business you are running. That said, whatever your company, there are ways you can reduce the need for each individual employee to drive to work each day. From reducing the time needed to be at work and offering home working, to providing commuter services and taking the stress out of travel, your business can have a positive impact on the environment and the community as a whole.

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